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House recessed at 3:15 p.m. pursuant to the provisions of HJR 6001

Senate of Virginia:
The Senate recessed pursuant to H.J.R. 6001 at 3:52 PM.

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Who's My Legislator? Service

Need to contact your legislators? The Who's My Legislator? service is an online tool where the public at-large can determine what legislators represent them. Users can enter their home address or use map based navigation to see their Virginia House and Senate representatives, as well as those in the U.S. House and Senate.

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Related Content / FAQs Tips

Q:Is there information on the Page Program?
A:Yes, go to Capitol Classroom then the Middle School tab.
Q:How old do you need to be to serve as a Page?
A:Pages are between the ages of 13 and 14.
Q:What is the state dog?
A:The American Foxhound. Go to Capitol Classroom to learn about the symbols and emblems of Virginia.
Q:Can you define the word “amend”?
A:“Amend” is to change the word or meaning of a bill. Go to Capitol Classroom and select a grade-level glossary to learn the vocabulary used most often at the Virginia General Assembly.
Q:I’m a teacher. Do you have classroom resources?
A:Absolutely! Go to Capitol Classroom for publications, activities, puzzles, lesson plans, and how to book a tour and/or chamber presentation.
Q:How does a bill become a law in Virginia?
A: Excellent question! Go to Capitol Classroom and select a grade level to learn how a bill becomes a law. It’s an exciting process!
Q:What is a Chamber Presentation?
A:It is a one-hour program that allows students to sit at legislators’ desks and debate and vote on a bill. You get to use the actual voting buttons! Visit Capitol Classroom for more information and reservations.
Q:I’m 8 years old, how can I make a law?
A:It all starts with an idea. If you have an idea for a law have an adult help you contact your Senator and Delegate. If they like it too, they will turn the idea in to a bill and maybe it will become a law.
Q:How much does a Capitol Tour or Chamber Presentation cost?
A:They are FREE!

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