Welcome to the General Assembly Building Remodel Project Webcam

A joint archive project of the Department of General Services, Virginia House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia Clerks' Offices for the public to view progress of the construction of a new Virginia General Assembly Building, along with the preservation of the historic 1912 Life Insurance Company of Virginia Building, formerly the Richmond Freedman's Bank

9th Street Views

Zoom into the Panorama View to see more. On Desktop machines, hover over the bottoms of timelapse views to expose play controls. On tablets, tap the bottoms of views to see additional controls.

The Pocahontas Building

General Assembly members and staff currently in the GAB have been relocated to the Pocahontas Building, located at 900 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. The Pocahontas Building will house the individual offices for the 140 members of the General Assembly as well as committee rooms and offices for legislative staff while the new General Assembly Building is being constructed.

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Visiting During Session

Learn about how to visit your state representatives and citizen involvement in the legislative process.

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Visiting the Virginia State Capitol

Learn about how to visit our working Capitol. It is a national landmark that held a vital role in the creation of America's democratic process. It is also the home of America's oldest state legislature.

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