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Courts of Justice

  • Chair: Hope, Patrick A.
  • Vice Chair: Simon, Marcus B.
  • Meeting Time: 1 hour 15 min. after adjournment of the House; on Friday, the committee meets immediately upon adjournment of the House
  • Meeting Day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Meeting Location: House Committee Room C - 206
  • Clerk:
  • Annie Johnson and Kyra Hogate
  • (804) 698-1542 (Johnson); (804) 698-1544 (Hogate)
  • DLS Contact:
  • Britt Olwine, Sr. Attorney; Troy Hatcher, Attorney; Shannon Heard, Legal Assoc/Judges
  • (804) 698 - 1815 (Olwine), (804) 698-1829 (Hatcher), (804) 698 - 1831 (Heard)

Courts of Justice Membership

Delegate District #Room #PartyCapitol PhoneDistrict PhoneEmail
Hope, Patrick A. (Chair)1st709D(804) 698-1001(703)
Simon, Marcus B. (Vice Chair)13th1114D(804) 698-1013(571)
Watts, Vivian E.14th907D(804) 698-1014(703)
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr.6th908D(804) 698-1006(571)
Delaney, Karrie K.9th1112D(804) 698-1009(703)
Maldonado, Michelle Lopes20th819D(804) 698-1020(571)
Hernandez, Phil M.94th1103D(804) 698-1094(804)
Cousins, Rae C.79th917D(804) 698-1079(804)
Reaser, Atoosa R.27th1016D(804)
Thomas, Josh21st903D(804)
Callsen, Katrina E.54th901D(804) 698-1054(434)
Keys-Gamarra, Karen7th1001D(804) 698-1007(804)
Kilgore, Terry G.45th1007R(804) 698-1045(276)
Leftwich, James A. (Jay), Jr.90th1008R(804) 698-1090(757)
Ballard, Jason S.42nd805R(804) 698-1042(540)
Williams, Wren M.47th705R(804) 698-1047(276)
Batten, Amanda E.71st712R(804) 698-1071(757)
Cordoza, A.C.86th719R(804) 698-1086(757)
Arnold, Jonathan E.46th802R(804) 698-1046(276)
Davis, Will P.39th717R(804) 698-1039(540)
Obenshain, Joseph C.41st804R(804)
Earley, Mark L., Jr.73rd701R(804) 698-1073(804)

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Bills in Courts of Justice 2024

The public can now comment on bills in this House of Delegates Committee using the House "SPEAK" web application.

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The public can also view all House Committee meetings and signup to speak at them or provide written feedback by visiting the House Meeting Schedule. Using the "Share Your Feedback" link on this page will take you to that meeting's signup form. This allows users to participate virtually via their phone or computer. Citizen involvement in meetings is easy and provides transparency in how the creation of legislation begins.

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