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  • Chair: Filler Corn, Eileen
  • Vice Chair: Mullin, Michael P.
  • Meeting Time: On the Call of the Chair
  • Meeting Location: 6th Floor Speaker's Conference Room
  • Clerk:
  • Suzette Denslow and Cheryl Wilson
  • (804) 698-1508 (Wilson)
  • DLS Contact:
  • Amigo Wade, Sr. Attorney, Lily Jones, Manager Legislative Reference Center
  • (804) 698 - 1862 (Wade), (804) 698-1888 (Jones)

Rules Membership

Delegate District #Room #PartyCapitol PhoneDistrict PhoneEmail
Filler-Corn, Eileen (Chair)41stE605D(804) 698-1041(571)
Mullin, Michael P. (Vice Chair)93rdE406D(804) 698-1093(757)
Watts, Vivian E.39thE203D(804) 698-1039(703)
Ward, Jeion A.92ndE317D(804) 698-1092(757)
Sickles, Mark D.43rdW1312D(804) 698-1043(703)
McQuinn, Delores L.70thE324D(804) 698-1070(804)
Herring, Charniele L.46thE606D(804) 698-1046(703)
Carr, Betsy B.69thE408D(804) 698-1069(804)
Torian, Luke E.52ndW1304D(804) 698-1052(703)
Lopez, Alfonso H.49thE223D(804) 698-1049(571)
Simon, Marcus B.53rdW427D(804) 698-1053(571)
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr.48thE220D(804) 698-1048(571)
Bagby, Lamont74thE319D(804) 698-1074(804)
Cox, M. Kirkland66thE419R(804) 698-1066(804)
Kilgore, Terry G.1stE201R(804) 698-1001(276)
Gilbert, C. Todd15thE601R(804) 698-1015(540)
Knight, Barry D.81stW434R(804) 698-1081(757)
Austin, Terry L.19thE405R(804) 698-1019(540)



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