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House adjourned at 1:48 p.m. to meet pursuant to HJR 7001 (8/30/18)

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Militia, Police and Public Safety
2018 Special Session I & Special Session II

  • Chair: Cline, Benjamin L.
  • Vice Chair: Wright, Thomas C.
  • Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Meeting Day: Friday
  • Meeting Location: House Committee Room
  • Clerk:
  • Scott Maddrea
  • (804) 698-1545
  • DLS Contact:
  • David Cotter, Attorney; Charles Quagliato, Attorney
  • (804) 698 - 1812 (Cotter); (804) 698 - 1813 (Quagliato)

Militia, Police and Public Safety Membership

Delegate District #Room #PartyCapitol PhoneDistrict PhoneEmail
Cline, Benjamin L. (Chair)24thE306R(804) 698-1024(434)
Wright, Thomas C., Jr. (Vice Chair)61stE411R(804) 698-1061(434)
Morefield, James W. (Will)3rdW228R(804) 698-1003(276)
Edmunds, James E., II60thE211R(804) 698-1060(434)
Wilt, Tony O.26thE303R(804) 698-1026(540)
Webert, Michael J.18thE417R(804) 698-1018(540)
Fariss, C. Matthew59thE212R(804) 698-1059(434)
O'Quinn, Israel D.5thW230R(804) 698-1005(276)
Head, Christopher T.17thE314R(804) 698-1017(540)
Rush, L. Nick7thW232R(804) 698-1007(540)
Freitas, Nicholas J. (Nick)30thE421R(804) 698-1030(540)
Brewer, Emily M. 64thE414R(804) 698-1064(757)
Tyler, Roslyn C.75thE321D(804) 698-1075(434)
Kory, Kaye38thE401D(804) 698-1038(703)
Lopez, Alfonso H.49thW227D(804) 698-1049(571)
Simon, Marcus B.53rdW224D(804) 698-1053(571)
Rasoul, Sam11thE320D(804)
Bell, John J.87thE219D(804) 698-1087(571)
Levine, Mark H.45thE208D(804) 698-1045(571)
Adams, Dawn M.68thE426D(804) 698-1068(804)
Carter, Lee J.50thE425D(804) 698-1050(571)
Carroll Foy, Jennifer D.2ndW430D(804) 698-1002(571)

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