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Chambers' Status

House of Delegates:
House adjourned sine die from the 2017 Regular Reconvened Session at 8:32 p.m. April 05, 2017. (4/6/17)

Senate of Virginia:
The Senate adjourned at 8:31 p.m., sine die. (4/6/17)

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Related Content / FAQs Tips

Q:Who is pictured in the composite photographs?
A:Delegates, Senators, pages/messengers, and clerk's office staff.
Q:Are meeting rooms in the Capitol reserved only for the legislature?
A:Meetings rooms in the Capitol exist to support the work of the legislature, but may be reserved by state agencies/groups. Please be advised that if you schedule an event in the Capitol, it may have to be moved or canceled should the space be needed for legislative purposes.
Q:I have a condition that will not allow me to go through a magnetometer. May I still enter the building?
A:Yes. Please share this information with Capitol Police personnel at the entrance and they will assist you with entry into the building while respecting your medical condition and ensuring that the Capitol maintains a safe and secure atmosphere for our members, staff, and visitors.
Q:Is the Capitol accessible for visitors with special needs?
A:The Capitol and GAB are both ADA compliant. See more about accessibility.
Q:Where do I park to visit the Capitol?
A:There are many paid parking lots and decks in downtown Richmond. Please see our Directions & Parking content for more information.
Q:Where is the Virginia State Capitol Building?
A:The Capitol is located in Richmond, VA, near the Broad Street exit off of I-95. The physical address is 1000 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219. For specific directions, please call (804) 698-1788 or see our visitor information for details.
Q:Where does the General Assembly meet?
A:House and Seante subcomittee and comittee meetings typically occur in the General Assembly building. Daily floor sessions are held in the respective chambers on the second floor of the Capitol Building. A map is available that provides information on public entrances to these buildings.
Q:Why is there an open door leading inside the stone pedestal for the equestrian Washington Monument?
A:When the idea for a Washington monument in Richmond was first discussed, many Virginians were enthusiastic about moving Washington's mortal remains from Mt. Vernon to Capitol Square. However, the Washington family ultimately declined to release Washington from his family vault. Thomas Crawford, the winner of the design contest for the Virginia Washington Monument, created a cenotaph (an empty tomb) to honor Washington and to acknowledge Virginia's willingness to shelter his remains.
Q:Why was the new Capitol Extension built underground?
A:The main reason for putting the 27,000 square foot extension underground was to avoid competing with the iconic classical architecture of the Capitol and wings. An additional advantage was the preservation of the surrounding landscape on Capitol Square, which functions as an important green space and public park in downtown Richmond.
Q:Was the interior of the Capitol designed by Jefferson?
A:Yes, but his arrangement of rooms has been altered over the years. Jefferson placed the General Court Room and House of Delegates on the second floor and the Senate and Governor’s Council chambers on the third floor. The judicial branch is no longer located in the building and the size and function of many interior spaces in the original Capitol have been altered in the last two centuries.
Q:How much of the woodwork in the early Capitol is original?
A:Research in 2003 indicates much of the woodwork in the Old Senate, the Rotunda entrance pediments and gallery railing on the third floor, as well as woodwork on the walls of the Old Hall of Delegates is late 18th or early 19th century in origin. Woodwork in the hallway leading from the Rotunda to the portico is early 20th century work. White pine, yellow pine and tulip poplar have been used.
Q:Is the interior dome original to the building?
A:Not quite. It was put in about 5 or 6 years after the building was first occupied, shortly after the original flat (and leaky) roof was changed to a gable roof.
Q:To whom should I submit a suggestion for an exhibit in the Capitol?
A:Contact the House or Senate Clerk's Office.
Q:Was the Capitol damaged or burned at the end of the Civil War?
A:No. The building stood inside a twelve acre public park which served as a firebreak. Refugees fleeing from the fires along the waterfront gathered in Capitol Square and kept an eye on the building.
Q:What is the oldest composite photograph on display in the Capitol?
Q:How frequently do exhibits change?
A:Typically, an exhibit is on display for a year.
Q:How can I visit the Virginia State Capitol if I live too far away?
A:Visit us virtually! Go to Virginia State Capitol - Multimedia - Virtual Tours. Visit the Capitol Building and the Capitol Grounds.
Q:Does the café provide vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free options?
A:Yes, upon request.
Q:What is the film, Keepers of the Flame, and when and where can I watch it?
A:The film explores Virginia's rich history and the people involved in shaping its history. The film is shown daily at the Virginia State Capitol in Senate Room 3 and House Room 3.
Q:Does the café use local products?
A:Yes, whenever possible depending on the season and availability.
Q:What A/V equipment is available in Capitol meeting spaces?
A:Meeting rooms in the Capitol are equipped with state of the art audio/visual technology in order show various types of presentations.
Q:I would like to have a special event in the Capitol during the legislative session, is this possible?
A:The Capitol is not available for after-hours events during the legislative session.
Q:I would like to hold my school dance/wedding/class reunion in the Capitol, is this possible?
A:In order to respect the historical nature and decorum of the Capitol; school dances, weddings, and class reunions may not be held in the Capitol.
Q:Is flash photography allowed in the Capitol?
A:Flash photography is allowed everywhere in the Capitol, except in the House and Senate galleries during the daily floor sessions.
Q:Does the Virginia Shop provide special order items?
A:Speak to the manager on duty in the shop who will provide you with more information on the items that are available for special order.
Q:Will the Virginia Shop ship my purchases to my home?
A:Yes. Please speak to the manager on duty in the shop who will assist you.
Q:Can we bring in food from an outside vendor for our meeting?
A:Any meetings with food or beverage service must be approved by the House or Senate Clerk. Upon approval, you will be required to make all food and beverage arrangements directly with Meriwether Godsey. Meriwether Godsey is the exclusive caterer for meetings/events in the Capitol.

General Assembly Building Move News

New Location, Directions & More

  • The temporary General Assembly Building at 900 N. 9th Street in Richmond, VA

    Where is the new, temporary General Assembly Building? New Location and Directions

  • New joint committee rooms taking shape in Pocahontas Building
    New joint committee rooms taking shape in Pocahontas Building
  • The temporary General Assembly Building at 900 Main Street in Richmond, VA

    The General Assembly Building will be closed to the public by the end of June, 2017.

  • Committee room daises moving to the Pocahontas Building
    Committee room daises moving to the Pocahontas Building

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