Designated Dates enacted by the Virginia General Assembly

House recessed at 2:43 p.m. pursuant to the provisions of HR 746 (8/10/21)


Mentoring Month

HJ229 2006

Library Week 3rd week in January each year

HJ22 1990​

Religious Freedom Week 2nd full week each year

HB476 1986​

Consumer Awareness Day 3rd Wednesday each year

HJ109 1980​

Community College Week 4th week each year

HB1019 1985​

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 4th Wednesday each year

​SJ260 1993

Constitutional Officer Week Week that includes Lee-Jackson-King Holiday each year

HJ653 1997

Brunswick Stew Day 4th Wednesday each year

HJ2 2002

Virginia National Guard Day 3rd Monday each year

HJ390 2012

Asian Lunar New Year Day Designates day designated as new year on Asian lunar calendar each year. This could fall either in January or February

HJ142 2012

Teen Cancer Awareness Week 3rd week each year

Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution

HJ641 2015​

Omphalocele Awareness Day

HJ206 2016

Year of Shakespeare

HJ336 2016​

Pongal Day

HJ573 2017​

Makar Sankranti Day

HJ135 2018​

Year of Reconciliation and Civility

HJ617 2019​

Montessori Education Day

SJ314 2019​

Year of the Eye Exam

​HJ108 2020

Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11

HJ561 2011

Korean American Day January 13

HJ632 2007

SJ446 2007

Religious Freedom Day January 16

HB2256 1997

Healthy Youth Day January 20

SJ124 2010

Robert Burns Night January 25

​HJ43 1990

Thank Your Mentor Day January 25

HJ229 2006

Asian-Indian American Day January 26

HJ609 2007

Motherhood and Apple Pie Day January 26

​SB783 1989

Thomas Paine Day January 29

HR35 1997

SJ4 1998

National Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day January 29

HJ156 2010

Retired Teachers Day January 31

HJ355 1996


Financial Aid Awareness Month

SJ334 2007

Four Chaplains Sunday 1st Sunday each year

HJ110 1976​

Exceptional Children's Week 3rd week each year

SJ147 2000

National Courtesy Week 2nd week each year

SJ120 2004

Children's Dental Health Month

SJ320 2005

American Heart Month

HJ259 2010

Eating Disorder Awareness Week Last full week each year

SJ322 2011

Home Education Month

SJ357 2013

Love the Bus Month

SJ297 2013

Gum Disease Awareness Month

HJ533 2015

Wear Red Day 1st Friday each year

SJ62 2016

Self-Care Month February 2018 and each year

HJ780 2017​

Virginia Village Day February 13, 2018 each year

HJ784 2017​

Sorensen Day HJ144 2018​
Enrolled Agents Week 1st full week each year

HJ603​​ 2019

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Awareness Day

SJ289 2019​

Winter Honey Month

​HJ140 2020 

National Wear Red Day February 1

HJ731 2013

SJ352 2013

Forgotten Airmen Day in Bedford County February 2

HJ831 2001

Patient Safety Day February 2

HJ719 2011

Give Kids A Smile Day February 4

SJ319 2005

Cancer Prevention Day February 4

SJ358 2011

American Cancer Society Day February 5

SJ373 2009

Ronald Reagan Day February 6

HJ130 2008

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week February 7

HJ684 2009

Healthy Heart Day February 14

SJ74 2002

Valentines, Virginia Day February 14

HJ27 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Day February 14

SJ129 2012

PTA Appreciation Day February 17

HJ588 1997

African-American Scientist and Inventor Day February 25

SJ377 2001

Spay Day February 28

HJ143 2012

Rare Disease Day February 28

HJ108 2014


American Red Cross Chapters Month

SJ50 1990​

Music in Our Schools Month

​SJ208 1991

Virginia Women's History Month

​SJ216 1991

Youth Art Month

SJ227 1993​

SJ65 2010

Women's History Week 2nd week each year

HJ89 1983​

Bank Day 3rd Tuesday each year

​HJ315 1992

Brain Injury Awareness Month

HJ132 2008

Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month

HJ793 2009

National School Breakfast Week Week of 1st Sunday each year

SJ392 2009

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week 2nd week each year

HJ341 2010

Professional Social Work Month

SJ23 2010

Tax Withholding and Employer Contribution Awareness Month

HJ693 2015​

Day of Honor for the Marquis de Lafayette

HJ797 2015​

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

SJ358 2015​

National Speech and Debate Education Day March 3, 2018 and each year

HJ783 2017​

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month

HJ16 2018

Endometriosis Awareness Month

HJ55 2018​

Women Veterans Week 3rd full week in March

HJ76 2018​

SJ36 2018​

Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day 4th Thursday in March each year

HJ732 2019​

Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agents Week 1st full week each year

HJ703 2019​

Navy Week

​HJ145 2020 

James Solomon Russell Day

​HR20 2020

SR7 2020  

Victims of COVID-19 Remembrance Day

​HJ605 2021 SPI

Emergency Management Professionals Week 3rd week

​SJ286 2021 SPI

Saint David's Day March 1

HR96 1989​

Lymphedema D-Day March 6

HJ524 2001

K-9 Veterans Day March 13

HJ552 2013

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Day March 15

HJ795 1993​

Freedom of Information Day March 16

SJ170 2006

Corrections Officer Day March 16

HJ596 2011

Greek Independence Day March 25

HJ403 1998

SJ117 2004


Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day March 30

HJ136 2010

SJ42 2010

Civilian Conservation Corps Member Appreciation Day March 31

SJ85 2006


Sleep Awareness Week Week preceding 1st Sunday each year

HJ67 2006

Backpack Safety Awareness Month

HJ549 2003

Women and Girls' Wellness Month

SJ228 2002

Bone Marrow Donor Week 2nd week each year

​SJ252 1993

Landscape Architecture Week 2nd full week each year

HB1449 1999

Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility Week 2nd week each year

HJ452 1991​

Donor Awareness Day 1st Monday of National Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness Week each year

HJ558 1997

National Guard and Reserve Week, Employer Support of 3rd week each year

SJ35 1998

Arbor Day Last Friday each year

SB791 2005

Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month

SJ49 2008

Retailers for Life Month

HJ683 2009

Local Government Education Week 1st week each year

HJ93 2012

Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness Week 3rd week each year

HJ128 2012

SJ58 2012

Barbershop Harmony Week 1st full week each year

HJ823 2013

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

HJ727 2013

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

HJ600 2015​

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

SJ245 2015​

Advance Care Planning Month

HJ87 2016​

SJ35 2016

Chagas Disease Awareness Day

​HJ197 2016

Public Transportation Safety Day

SJ129 2016​

Missing Persons Day

HJ612 2017​

World Voice Day April 16, 2018 each year

HJ744 2017​

Barbara Johns Day

SJ340 2017​

National Beer Day April 7, 2019, each year

HJ90 2018​

Tamil New Year Day April 14, 2019, each year

HJ131 2018​

Safe Digging Month

HJ594 2019​

National Prosthodontics Awareness Week Final full week in April

HJ104 2020

SJ80 2020

Patient Advocate Day April 4

HJ771 2009

Bataan Day of Valor April 9

HJ759 2003

SJ360 2003

Teen Organ Donation Awareness Day April 9

HJ190 2010

Coal Miners Day April 13

HJ768 2013

Ms. Wheelchair Virginia Day April 14

HJ362 2008

Hold Out For Hunger Day April 14

HJ107 2012

Vaisakhi April 14

SJ260 2013

Federal Budget Deficit Education Day April 16

HJ145 1994

Day of Remembrance April 21

HJ788 2009

Youth Fitness Day April 25

HJ198 2010

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Week April 26

SB499 1987​

Dale Earnhardt Day April 29

HJ725 2007

Light Rail Safety Day April 29

SJ331 2011

South Vietnamese Recognition Day April 30

SJ455 2013


Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

HJ18 2002

Asthma Awareness Month

HJ710 1999

Month for Children

HB1583 1997

SB687 1997


Paddle Virginia Waters Month

HJ486 1997

United States Armed Forces History Month

HJ445 1993​

Little League Baseball Challenger Week 1st full week preceding Mother's Day each year

HB738 2006

Safe Kids Week 1st week each year

HJ572 1995

Early Childhood and Day-Care Providers and Professionals Day Friday before Mother's Day each year

HB1602 2006

Alcohol-Related Birth Defects Awareness Week Week that begins with Mother's Day each year

HJ169 1996

School Drop Out Prevention Awareness Week 2nd week each year

HJ444 1991​

Ruritan Week 3rd week each year

​HJ524 1991

Military Appreciation Day Memorial Day each year

HJ278 2004

Remembrance of Freedmen's Cemetery Week in Alexandria Last week each year

SJ59 1998

Angelman Syndrome Awareness Week 3rd week each year

HJ36 2006

Commonwealth Day of Prayer 1st Thursday each year

HB2256 1997

Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness Week Last week each year

HJ52 2010

Lupus Awareness Month

HJ195 2010

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

HJ643 2011

Preeclampsia Awareness Month

HJ145 2012

X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month

HJ216 2012

Maternal Mental Health Month

HJ606 2015​

Virginia Hospital Week 2nd week each year

SJ346 2015​

Virginia Barbecue Season May through October each year

HJ169 2016​

Celebrate Transportation Day Thursday before Memorial Day

HJ59 2018​

Electrical Safety Month

HJ178​ 2018

First Transcontinental Railroad, Completion of 150th Anniversary

HJ690 2019​

Correctional Officers' Week 1st full week each year

HJ697 2019​

Oliver White Hill, Sr., Day

​HJ72 2020 

Cold War Victory Day May 1

HJ184 2006

55 Alive Week May 1 HJ385 1997
Law Day May 1

SJ401 2009

Osteoporosis Awareness Day May 10

HJ683 2011

Vietnam Human Rights Day May 11

HB2594 2009

Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Awareness Day May 12

SJ3 1998

Jamestown Day May 13

HJ659 2007

Physical Lifelong Activity for You (P.L.A.Y.) Day May 13

SJ5018 2004 Special Session I

Colonial Founders Day May 14

SJ65 2004

Women's Heart Day May 17

HJ635 2009

Hepatitis B Awareness Day May 19

HJ724 2013

Child Identification Program Day May 25

HJ868 2013


James River Month

HJ163 1996

Kid's Day 1st Sunday each year

HJ399 2000

Parks and Recreation Month

​HJ111 1978

Community Banking Week 2nd full week each year

HJ425 1995

Direct care staffs and other long-term care professionals recognition day 2nd Wednesday each year

HB1980 2005

Covered Bridge Weekend 3rd weekend each year

SJ19 1998

Juneteenth Freedom Day 3rd Saturday each year

HR56 2007

Move Over Awareness Month

SJ102 2014

Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week 2nd week each year

HJ31 2016​

Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals Appreciation Day

HJ88 2016​

Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Day

HJ425 2016​

Virginia Constitution Day

SJ61 2016​

Pollinator Awareness Week Last full week

HJ95 2018​

Trench Safety Stand Down Week 3rd full week each year

HJ613 2019​

World Refugee Day

HJ720 2019​

Move Over Awareness Month

SJ286 2019​

Gun Violence Awareness Day HJ10 2020 
Liberty Amendments Month June 19 through 3rd Monday in July

​HJ583 2021 SPI

SJ323 2021 SPI

Rotary Day June 1

HJ617 2013

Jack Jouett Day June 3

HJ33 2001 Special Session I

Philippine Independence Day June 12

HJ220 2008

Vietnamese American Freedom Fighters Day June 19

SJ139 2002


Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy Awareness Day

HJ98 2014​

National Day of the Cowboy 4th Saturday each year

HJ507 2015​

National Atomic Veterans Day July 16

HJ607 2015​

Mary Draper Ingles Remembrance Day Last Saturday in July each year

HJ649 2017​

Substance-Exposed Infant Awareness Week 1st week each year

HJ745 2017

SJ282 2017​

Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention Month

SJ338 2019​

Maternal Health Awareness Month

​HJ111 2020 

Military Appreciation Day July 4

HJ278 2004

Aerospace Exploration Week July 16

​HJ58 1988

Aerospace Exploration Day July 20

HJ58 1988​


Losing Loved Ones in a Tragic Accident Month

HJ593 2015

International Assistance Dog Week 1st full week each year

SJ127 2016​

Purple Heart Day

SJ102 2016​

Virginia Aviation Week 3rd week in August each year

HJ610 2017​

Spirit of '45 Day 2nd Sunday in August each year

HJ656 2017​

Coats Disease Awareness Day

HJ750 2017​

Weekend of Prayer over Students 1st weekend each year

HJ762 2017​

811 Day

HJ595 2019​

Shipbuilders Day

SJ272 2019​

The Reverend Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker Day

SJ287 2019​

Breastfeeding Awareness Month

SJ298 2019​

Women's Equality Day

HJ21 2020  ​

Indian American Heritage Month

HJ148​ 2020

International Overdose Awareness Day

​HJ562 2021 SPI

Women's Suffrage Month

SJ292 2021​ SPI

Pakistan Independence Day August 14

HJ608 2013

National Airborne Day August 16

HJ163 2000


Internet Safety Month

HJ587 2007

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

HJ564 2001

Scottish-American Heritage Month

HJ386 2000

World War II Veterans Appreciation Week 1st full week each year

SB1210 2001

Responsible Dog Ownership Week Last full week each year

SJ12 2006

Civics Education Week 3rd week each year

HJ627 2007

SJ343 2007

Healthy Virginians/Healthy Students Week 3rd week each year

HJ726 2007

Virginia Championship Applebutter Making Contest 3rd week each year

HB345 1983​

Older Virginians Mental Health Month

HJ674 2009

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 3rd week each year

SJ274 2009

Textile Heritage Week 1st week each year

HJ50 2010

Histiocytosis Awareness Month

HJ622 2011

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

HJ623 2011

Kinship Caregivers of Children Month

HJ638 2015​

Day to Serve each day September 11 to October 10

HJ702 2015​

Blood Cancer Awareness Month

SJ48 2016​

Lymphoma Awareness Day

SJ49 2016​

National Suicide Prevention Week Week of September 10 each year

HJ548 2017​

SJ251 2017

Public Lands Day Last Saturday in September each year

HJ640 2017​

Taekwondo Day

HJ793 2017​

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month

HJ823 2017​

National Hunting and Fishing Day

SJ268 2017​

Saragarhi Day of Sikh Pride

SJ298 2017​

Drug-free Pain Management Awareness Month

HJ114 2018​

Fall Prevention Awareness Week 3rd full week in September

HJ81 2018

SJ47 2018​

Recovery Sunday 3rd Sunday in September

HJ142 2018​

Silence Empowers Violence Break the Code Awareness-to-Action Week 3rd full week each year

HJ630 2019​

First Responders Day

HJ646 2019​

Resiliency Week 1st week each year

SJ277 2019​

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

​SJ86 2020

Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

​HJ596 2021 SPI

SJ276 2021 SPI

Virginia Police, Fire, and Rescue Services Memorial Day September 11

HJ19 2002

Steamboat Era Day September 14

SJ305 2009

Assisted Living Awareness Day September 15

HJ792 2009

Citizenship Day September 17

​HB556 1974

Constitution Week September 17

HB556 1974​

Small Business Day September 21

HJ144 2012

Mesothelioma Awareness Day September 26

HJ120 2012


Biotechnology Month

HJ805 2001

Energy Conservation Month

​HJ128 1978

Read Aloud to a Child Week 4th week each year

SJ409 2001

Virginia Firefighter Appreciation Day Sunday commencing National Fire Prevention Week each year

SJ222 1993​

Women's Network Month

SJ273 1997

Energy Conservation Awareness Week 1st week each year

HJ575 2007

Teenage Dating Abuse Awareness Week 1st week each year

HJ688 2005

SAVE Today for Tomorrow Day (Stop America's Violence Everywhere) 2nd Wednesday each year

HJ358 1998

Fallen Firefighters' Day 2nd Sunday each year

HJ721 1995

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2nd full week each year

SJ327 2003

Legal Professionals' Day Wednesday of 2nd full week each year

SJ129 2002

Virginia Drug Free Day Saturday of last week each year

HB932 1994

Youth Political Education Day Tuesday prior to Election Day each year

HJ669 2005

Dyslexia Awareness Month

HJ26 2008 

SJ24 2008

Right Choices for Youth Month

HJ5 2008

Disability History and Awareness Month

HJ715 2009 

SJ321 2009

Family History Month

SJ291 2011

Diwali Day Last Saturday each year

HJ550 2013

SJ384 2013

Urban Agriculture Month

HJ758 2013

Chiropractic Health Week 1st week each year

HJ93 2014

Farm-to-School Week 1st full week

HJ692 2015​

General Casimir Pulaski Day

HJ42 2018​

General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Day

HJ64 2018

SJ63 2018​

Taiwan Day

HJ659 2019​

Cameron Crowder Pediatric Care Awareness Day

HJ705 2019​

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Awareness Month

​HJ133 2020

Hangul Day
Children's Miracle Network Day October 1

SJ108 2008

Day of the Girl October 11

HJ43 2014

Patriotic Education Week October 12

​HJ254 1975

First Lady Edith Bolling Wilson Day October 15

HJ98 2012

Children of America Finding Hope Day October 16

HJ130 2002

Yorktown Day October 19

​HB150 1986


Native American Indian Month

HB1217 1996

Early Intervention Month

​HJ186 1992

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

HJ13 2006

Marrow Awareness Month

HJ649 2003

SJ319 2003

Korean War Veterans Appreciation Week 1st full week each year

SB365 2002

Vietnam War Memorial Dedication and Veterans' Recognition Week 1st full week each year

HB1411 2003

Take Your Kids to Vote Day Election Day each year

HJ292 2004

Veteran's History Week 2nd week each year

HJ571 2001

Celebrate Adoption Day 3rd Saturday each year

HJ180 2004

American Indians Day of Appreciation Wednesday immediately preceding Thanksgiving each year

HB1217 1996

Adoption Awareness Month

HJ41 2008

Virginia Caregivers Week 3rd week each year

HJ754 2009

Virginia Farm-to-School Week 2nd full week each year

HJ95 2010

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

HJ512 2011

Virginia Cider Week Full week before Thanksgiving each year

HJ105 2012

Virginia Caregivers Month

HJ527 2015​

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Month

HJ245 2016​

Indigenous Peoples Day 4th Wednesday each year

HJ347 2016​

I am my brother and sister's keeper Day Friday after Thanksgiving

HJ38 2018​

Victims of Communism Memorial Day

HJ30 2018​

Radiologic Technology Week Week of November 8, each year

​HJ50 2020

Transgender Day of Remembrance

​HJ85 2020 

World Prematurity Month

SJ51​ 2020 

World Prematurity Day

​SJ51 2020 

Equal Citizens Month

​HJ606 2021 SPI

Military Appreciation Day November 11

HJ278 2004


Susanna Bolling Day

HJ649 2019​

Puppy Mill Awareness Month

​SJ68 2020

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day December 7

​HB282 1983

George Mason Day December 11

​HJ560 1993

Bill of Rights Day December 15

HB1191 1998

Bill of Responsibilities Day December 16

HJ2003 1991 Special Session II​

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