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Privileges and Elections - Subcommittee on Redistricting

  • Chair: Simon, Marcus B.
  • Meeting Day: At the call of the Chair
  • Meeting Location: House Committee Room
  • Clerk:
  • Marjorie Hrouda
  • DLS Contact:

Privileges and Elections - Subcommittee on Redistricting Membership

Delegate District #Room #PartyCapitol PhoneDistrict PhoneEmail
Simon, Marcus B. (Chair)53rdW427D(804) 698-1053(571)
Price, Marcia S. (Cia)95thW227D(804) 698-1095(757)
Krizek, Paul E.44thE206D(804) 698-1044(703)
Reid, David A.32ndE305D(804) 698-1032(703)
Askew, Alex Q.85thE423D(804) 698-1085(757)
Orrock, Robert D., Sr.54thE309R(804) 698-1054(540)
Cole, Mark L.88thE202R(804) 698-1088(804)
Bloxom, Robert S., Jr.100thE403R(804) 698-1000(757)
Lindsey, Joseph C. (Ex-Officio)90thE321D(804) 698-1090(757)



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