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  • Chair: Tyler, Roslyn C.
  • Vice Chair: Guzman, Elizabeth
  • Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Meeting Day: Monday and Wednesday
  • Meeting Location: House Committee Room
  • Clerk:
  • Lisette Carbajal
  • (703)439-0373
  • DLS Contact:
  • Ryan Brimmer
  • (804) 698-1820 Brimmer

Education Membership

Delegate District #EmailCapitol PhoneParty
Tyler, Roslyn C. (Chair) 698-1075D
Guzman, Elizabeth R. (Vice Chair) 698-1031D
Bulova, David 698-1037D
McQuinn, Delores 698-1070D
Keam, Mark 698-1035D
Rasoul, 698-1011D
Bagby, 698-1074D
Bourne, Jeffrey 698-1071D
VanValkenburg, Schuyler 698-1072D
Subramanyam, 698-1087D
Cole, Joshua 698-1028D
Mugler, Martha 698-1091D
Simonds, Shelly 698-1094D
Cole, Mark 698-1088R
Marshall, Daniel W., 698-1014R
Robinson, Roxann 698-1027R
Davis, Glenn R., 698-1084R
McGuire, John J. , 698-1056R
Avoli, G. 698-1020R
Batten, Amanda 698-1096R
Wampler, William C., 698-1004R
Wiley, William D. (Bill) 698-1029R



Bills in Education 2021

The public can now comment on bills in this House of Delegates Committee using the House "SPEAK" web application.

Provide Written Comments For Bills in This Committee.

The public can also view all House Committee meetings and signup to speak at them or provide written feedback by visiting the House Meeting Schedule. Using the "Share Your Feedback" link on this page will take you to that meeting's signup form. This allows users to participate virtually via their phone or computer. Citizen involvement in meetings is easy and provides transparency in how the creation of legislation begins.

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