Virginia House of Delegates Member Listings

2024 House Members

Delegate 2024 District #Room #PartyCapitol PhoneDistrict PhoneEmail
Adams, Leslie R. (Les)48th812R(804) 698-1016(434)
Anthony, Bonita
Arnold, Jonathan E.46th712R(804) 698-1006(276)
Askew, Alex Q.95thE423D(804) 698-1085(757)
Austin, Terry L.37th1232R(804) 698-1019(540)
Ballard, Jason S.42nd701R(804)
Batten, Amanda E.71st916R(804) 698-1096(757)
Bennett-Parker, Elizabeth B.5th818D(804) 698-1045(703)
Bloxom, Robert S., Jr.100th711R(804) 698-1000(757)
Bolling, Destiny L. LeVere80thD
Bulova, David L.11th910D(804) 698-1037(703)
Callsen, Katrina54thDDelKCallsen
Campbell, Ellen H.36th718R(804) 698-1024(540)
Carr, Betsy B.78th808D(804) 698-1069(804)
Cherry, Mike A.74th1001R(804) 698-1066(804)
Clark, Nadarius E.84thE322D(804) 698-1079(757) 834 -
Cohen, Laua
Cole, Joshua G.65thD(804) 698-1028(540) 642-0165
Convirs-Fowler, Kelly K.96th820D(804) 698-1021(757)
Cordoza, A.C.86th802R(804) 698-1091(757)
Cousins, Rae79thD
Coyner, Carrie E.75th1002R(804) 698-1062(804)
Davis, Will P.39thR
Delaney, Karrie K.9th819D(804) 698-1067(703)
Earley, Mark L., Jr.73rdR
Ennis, Ned B.89thR
Feggans, Michael97thD(757) 971-9140
Fowler, Hyland F. (Buddy), Jr.59th912R(804) 698-1055(804)
Freitas, Nicholas J. (Nick)62nd806R(804) 698-1030(540)
Gardner, Debra D.76thD
Garrett, Tom56thD
Gilbert, C. Todd33rd1403R(804) 698-1015(540)
Glass, Jackie Hope93rd918D(804) 698-1089(757)
Green, William C.69thR
Griffin, Tim53rdR
Hayes, C. E. (Cliff), Jr.91st905D(804) 698-1077(757)
Helmer, Daniel I.10th1103D(804) 698-1040(571)
Henson, Rozia, Jr.19thD
Hernandez, Phil M.94thD
Herring, Charniele L.4th810D(804) 698-1046(703)
Higgins, Geary30thR
Hodges, M. Keith68th913R(804) 698-1098(804)
Hope, Patrick A.1st709D(804) 698-1047(703)
Jones, Michael J.77thD
Kent, Hillary Pugh67thR(804) 456-8360
Keys-Gamarra, Karen7thD
Kilgore, Terry G.45th1402R(804) 698-1001(276)
Knight, Barry D.98th1223R(804) 698-1081(757)
Krizek, Paul E.16th706D(804) 698-1044(703)
Laufer, Amy J.55thD
Leftwich, James A. (Jay), Jr.90th1012R(804) 698-1078(757)
Lopez, Alfonso H.3rd1114D(804) 698-1049(571)
Lovejoy, Ian T.22ndR
Maldonado, Michelle Lopes20th1016D(804) 698-1050(571)
Marshall, Daniel W., III49th1009R(804) 698-1014(434)
Martinez, Fernando J.29thD
McClure, Adele Y.2ndD(703) 239 - 4425
McNamara, Joseph P.40th917R(804) 698-1008(540)
McQuinn, Delores L.81st809D(804) 698-1070(804)
Milde, Paul V., III64thR
Morefield, James W. (Will)43rd710R(804) 698-1003(276)
Mundon King, Candi23rd704D(804) 698-1002(540)
O'Quinn, Israel D.44th713R(804) 698-1005(276)
Oates, Delores31stR
Obenshain, Joseph C.41stR
Orrock, Robert D., Sr.66th1007R(804) 698-1054(540)
Owen, David L.57thR
Price, Marcia S. (Cia)85th906D(804) 698-1095(757)
Rasoul, Sam38th911D(804) 698-1011(540)
Reaser, Atoosa R.27thD
Reid, David A.28th720D(804) 698-1032(703)
Runion, Chris35th1003R(804) 698-1025(540)
Scott, Don88th1401D(804) 698-1080(757)
Scott, Phillip A.63rd902R(804) 698-1088(540)
Seibold, Holly M.12th1018D(804) 698-1035(804)
Sewell, Briana D.25th921D(804) 698-1051(703)
Shin, Irene8th1115D(804) 698-1086(703)
Sickles, Mark D.17th909D(804) 698-1043(703)
Simon, Marcus B.13th1011D(804) 698-1053(571)
Simonds, Shelly A.70th1102D(804) 698-1094(757)
Srinivasan, Kannan26thD
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr.6th908D(804) 698-1048(571)
Tata, Anne Ferrell H.99th821R(804) 698-1082(757)
Taylor, Kimberly A.82nd804R(804)
Thomas, Josh21stD
Torian, Luke E.24th1008D(804) 698-1052(703)
Tran, Kathy KL18th920D(804) 698-1042(703)
Wachsmann, Howard Otto, Jr.83rd1004R(804) 698-1075(804)
Walker, Wendell S.52nd717R(804) 698-1023(434)
Ward, Jeion A.87th1010D(804) 698-1092(757)
Ware, R. Lee72nd707R(804) 698-1065(804)
Watts, Vivian E.14th907D(804) 698-1039(703)
Webert, Michael J.61st714R(804) 698-1018(540)
Wiley, William D. (Bill)32nd716R(804) 698-1029(804)
Willett, Rodney T.58th1104D(804)
Williams, Wren M.47th816R(804) 698-1009(276)
Wilt, Tony O.34th814R(804) 698-1026(540)
Wright, Thomas C., Jr.50th1109R(804) 698-1061(434)
Wyatt, Scott A.60th803R(804) 698-1097(804)
Zehr, Eric51stR

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