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Delegate District #Cities & Counties RepresentedEmailDistrict Phone
Adams, Dawn M.68thCounties of Chesterfield (part) and Henrico (part); City of Richmond (part) 698-1068
Adams, Leslie R. (Les)16thCounties of Henry (part) and Pittsylvania (part); City of 432-1600
Anderson, Timothy V.83rdCities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part) 572-4427
Austin, Terry L.19thCounties of Alleghany, Bedford (part), and Botetourt (part); City of 254-1500
Avoli, G. John20thCounties of Augusta (part), Highland, and Nelson (part); Cities of Staunton and 200-8112
Bagby, Lamont74thCounty of Henrico (part) 698-1074
Ballard, Jason S.12thCounties of Giles, Montgomery (part), and Pulaski (part); City of
Batten, Amanda E.96thCounties of James City (part) and York (part) 741-7001
Bell, Robert B.58thCounties of Albemarle (part), Fluvanna (part), Greene, and Rockingham (part) 245-8900
Bennett-Parker, Elizabeth B.45thCounties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part); City of Alexandria (part) 239-3155
Bloxom, Robert S., Jr.100thCounties of Accomack and Northampton; Cities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part) 824-3456
Bourne, Jeffrey M.71stCity of Richmond (part) 698-1071
Brewer, Emily M.64thCounties of Isle of Wight, Prince George (part), and Surry; City of Suffolk (part) 239-1213
Bulova, David L.37thCounty of Fairfax (part); City of 310-6752
Byron, Kathy J.22ndCounties of Bedford (part), Campbell (part), and Franklin (part); City of Lynchburg (part) 582-1592
Campbell, Jeffrey L.6thCounties of Carroll, Smyth (part), and 227-0247
Campbell, Ronnie R.24thCounties of Amherst (part), Augusta (part), Bath, and Rockbridge; Cities of Buena Vista and 280-0778
Carr, Betsy B.69thCity of Richmond (part) 698-1069
Cherry, Mike A.66thCounty of Chesterfield (part); City of Colonial 698-1066
Clark, Nadarius E.79thCities of Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part), and Portsmouth (part) 834-4758
Convirs-Fowler, Kelly K.21stCities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part) 364-8428
Cordoza, A.C.91stCounty of York (part); Cities of Hampton (part) and 751-0929
Coyner, Carrie E.62ndCounties of Chesterfield (part) and Prince George (part); City of 698-1062
Davis, Glenn R., Jr.84thCity of Virginia Beach (part) 802-4982
Delaney, Karrie K.67thCounties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part) 996-9415
Durant, Tara A.28thCounty of Stafford (part); City of Fredericksburg (part) 698-1028
Edmunds, James E., II60thCounties of Campbell (part), Charlotte, Halifax, and Prince 476-0077
Fariss, C. Matthew59thCounties of Albemarle (part), Appomattox, Buckingham, Campbell (part), and Nelson (part) 821-5929
Filler-Corn, Eileen41stCounty of Fairfax (part) 249-3453
Fowler, Hyland F. (Buddy), Jr.55thCounties of Caroline (part), Hanover (part), and Spotsylvania (part) 305-8867
Freitas, Nicholas J. (Nick)30thCounties of Culpeper (part), Madison, and 222-7706
Gilbert, C. Todd15thCounties of Page, Rockingham (part), Shenandoah, and Warren (part) 459-7550
Glass, Jackie Hope89thCity of Norfolk (part) 472-1293
Gooditis, Gwendolyn W. (Wendy)10thCounties of Clarke (part), Frederick (part), and Loudoun (part) 300-3857
Greenhalgh, Karen S.85thCity of Virginia Beach (part)
Guzman, Elizabeth R.31stCounties of Fauquier (part) and Prince William (part) 403-1213
Hayes, C. E. (Cliff), Jr.77thCity of Chesapeake (part) 364-0272
Head, Christopher T.17thCounties of Botetourt (part) and Roanoke (part); City of Roanoke (part) 283-2839
Helmer, Daniel I.40thCounties of Fairfax (part) and Prince William (part) 445-0251
Herring, Charniele L.46thCity of Alexandria (part) 606-9705
Hodges, M. Keith98thCounties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William (part), Mathews, and 277-9801
Hope, Patrick A.47thCounty of Arlington (part) 486-1010
Hudson, Sally L.57thCounty of Albemarle (part); City of 202-6842
Jenkins, Clinton L.76thCities of Chesapeake (part) and Suffolk (part) 809-0214
Kilgore, Terry G.1stCounties of Lee, Scott, and Wise (part); City of 386-7011
Knight, Barry D.81stCities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part) 426-6387
Kory, Kaye38thCounty of Fairfax (part) 354-6024
Krizek, Paul E.44thCounty of Fairfax (part) 688-2983
LaRock, David A.33rdCounties of Clarke (part), Frederick (part), and Loudoun (part) 751-8364
Leftwich, James A. (Jay), Jr.78thCity of Chesapeake (part) 382-4145
Lopez, Alfonso H.49thCounties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part) 336-2147
Maldonado, Michelle Lopes50thCounty of Prince William (part); City of 287-3204
March, Marie E.7thCounties of Floyd, Montgomery (part), and Pulaski (part) 835-3233
Marshall, Daniel W., III14thCounties of Henry (part) and Pittsylvania (part); City of 797-5861
McGuire, John J., III56thCounties of Goochland (part), Henrico (part), Louisa, and Spotsylvania (part) 389-8601
McNamara, Joseph P.8thCounties of Craig, Montgomery (part), and Roanoke (part); City of 384-0276
McQuinn, Delores L.70thCounties of Charles City, Chesterfield (part) and Henrico (part); City of Richmond (part) 698-1070
Morefield, James W. (Will)3rdCounties of Bland, Buchanan, Russell (part), and 345-4300
Mullin, Michael P.93rdCounties of James City (part) and York (part); Cities of Newport News (part) and 525-9526
Mundon King, Candi2ndCounties of Prince William (part) and Stafford (part) 318-3413
Murphy, Kathleen J.34thCounties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part) 698-1034
O'Quinn, Israel D.5thCounties of Grayson, Smyth (part), and Washington (part); Cities of Bristol and 525-1311
Orrock, Robert D., Sr.54thCounties of Caroline (part) and Spotsylvania (part) 891-1322
Plum, Kenneth R.36thCounty of Fairfax (part) 758-9733
Price, Marcia S. (Cia)95thCity of Newport News (part) 266-5935
Ransone, Margaret B.99thCounties of Caroline (part), King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and 472-4181
Rasoul, Sam11thCity of Roanoke (part) 904-6905
Reid, David A.32ndCounty of Loudoun (part) 662-1395
Robinson, Roxann L.27thCounty of Chesterfield (part) 698-1027
Roem, Danica A.13thCounty of Prince William (part); City of Manassas 393-0242
Runion, Chris25thCounties of Albemarle (part), Augusta (part), and Rockingham (part) 255-0504
Scott, Don L., Jr.80thCity of Portsmouth (part) 966-5086
Scott, Phillip A.88thCounties of Fauquier (part), Spotsylvania (part), and Stafford (part); City of Fredericksburg (part) 360-3789
Sewell, Briana D.51stCounty of Prince William (part) 261-4746
Shin, Irene86thCounties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part) 677-8334
Sickles, Mark D.43rdCounty of Fairfax (part) 922-6440
Simon, Marcus B.53rdCounty of Fairfax (part); City of Falls 327-0053
Simonds, Shelly A.94thCity of Newport News (part) 276-3022
Subramanyam, Suhas87thCounties of Loudoun (part) and Prince William (part) 707-4566
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr.48thCounties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part) 210-5876
Tata, Anne Ferrell H.82ndCity of Virginia Beach (part) 213-5193
Taylor, Kimberly A.63rdCounties of Chesterfield (part) and Dinwiddie; City of
Torian, Luke E.52ndCounty of Prince William (part) 785-2224
Tran, Kathy KL42ndCounty of Fairfax (part) 539-2066
Vacant - 35th
County of Fairfax (part)

VanValkenburg, Schuyler T.72ndCounty of Henrico (part) 698-1072
Wachsmann, Howard Otto, Jr.75thCounties of Brunswick, Greensville, Lunenburg (part), Southampton, and Sussex; Cities of Emporia and 469-0872
Walker, Wendell S.23rdCounties of Amherst (part) and Bedford (part); City of Lynchburg (part) 515-2264
Wampler, William C., III4thCounties of Dickenson, Russell (part), Washington (part), and Wise (part) 200-4007
Ward, Jeion A.92ndCity of Hampton (part) 827-5921
Ware, R. Lee65thCounties of Chesterfield (part), Fluvanna (part), Goochland (part), and 598-6696
Watts, Vivian E.39thCounty of Fairfax (part) 978-2989
Webert, Michael J.18thCounties of Culpeper (part), Fauquier (part), Rappahannock, and Warren (part) 999-8218
Wiley, William D. (Bill)29thCounties of Frederick (part) and Warren (part); City of 698-1029
Willett, Rodney T.73rdCounty of Henrico (part)
Williams, Wren M.9thCounties of Franklin (part), Henry (part), and 693-9024
Williams Graves, Angelia90thCity of Norfolk (part) 524-4941
Wilt, Tony O.26thCounty of Rockingham (part); City of 208-0735
Wright, Thomas C., Jr.61stCounties of Amelia, Cumberland, Lunenburg (part), Mecklenburg, and 696-3061
Wyatt, Scott A.97thCounties of Hanover (part), King William (part), and New 442-2737

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Virginia House of Delegates 2022
Delegate Clinton L. Jenkins
Preferred Name: Clint
Member Since: 2020
D - Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Suffolk (part)
76th District
Capitol Office
900 East Main Street,
Richmond, VA 23218
Office: (804) 698-1076
Room Number: W428  Map It
Legislative Assistant: Margaret Sumpter
Administrative Assistant During Session: Martha Rubin
District Office
P.O. Box 4305
Suffolk, VA 23439
Office: (757) 809-0214
District Description:
Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Suffolk (part)
  • House District: 76th
  • Congressional District: 3rd and 4th
  • Congressional District Residence: 3rd
District Map:
76th District Map
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Personal Information

  • Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
  • Gender: Male
  • Race(s): African American
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Spouse: Karen Lynette Jenkins
  • Children: Ashlin, Britney, Candice, Shemica Sebrell, and Niko Byrum
  • Membership & Affiliation: Calvery Evangelical Baptist Church
    Prince Hall Mason
    Civic League (chairman)
    3rd Congressional District (chairman)
    Boy Scouts of America (former Scoutmaster)
    Suffolk Parks and Recreation (former commissioner)
    YMCA (former board member)
  • Education: John F. Kennedy High School
    Saint Leo University (B.A., Human Resources Administration)
    Southeastern Baptist Theology Seminary (Graduate Studies in Theology)
  • Occupation/Profession: Property Manager
  • Military Service: USA (1981-83)

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