Virginia House of Delegates Member Listings

House adjourned sine die at 5:47 p.m. (4/7/21)

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Adams, Dawn
Adams, Leslie R. (Les)
Aird, Lashrecse
Askew, Alex
Austin, Terry
Avoli, G.
Ayala, Hala
Batten, Amanda
Bell, Robert
Bloxom, Robert S.,
Bourne, Jeffrey
Brewer, Emily M.
Bulova, David
Byron, Kathy
Campbell, Jeffrey
Campbell, Ronnie
Carr, Betsy
Carter, Lee
Cole, Joshua
Cole, Mark
Convirs-Fowler, Kelly
Cox, M.
Coyner, Carrie
Davis, Glenn R.,
Delaney, Karrie
Edmunds, James E.,
Fariss, C.
Fowler, Hyland F. (Buddy),
Freitas, Nicholas J. (Nick)
Gilbert, C.
Gooditis, Gwendolyn W. (Wendy)
Guy, Nancy
Guzman, Elizabeth
Hayes, C. E. (Cliff),
Head, Christopher
Helmer, Daniel
Heretick, Stephen
Herring, Charniele
Hodges, M.
Hope, Patrick
Hudson, Sally
Hurst, Chris
Jenkins, Clinton
Jones, Jerrauld C. (Jay)
Keam, Mark
Kilgore, Terry
Knight, Barry
Krizek, Paul
LaRock, David
Leftwich, James A. (Jay),
Levine, Mark
Lopez, Alfonso
Marshall, Daniel W.,
McGuire, John J. ,
McNamara, Joseph
McQuinn, Delores
Miyares, Jason
Morefield, James W. (Will)
Mugler, Martha
Mullin, Michael
Mundon King,
Murphy, Kathleen
O'Quinn, Israel
Orrock, Robert D.,
Plum, Kenneth
Poindexter, Charles
Price, Marcia S. (Cia)
Ransone, Margaret
Reid, David
Robinson, Roxann
Roem, Danica
Rush, L.
Samirah, Ibraheem
Scott, Don L.,
Sickles, Mark
Simon, Marcus
Simonds, Shelly
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip),
Torian, Luke
Tran, Kathy
Tyler, Roslyn
VanValkenburg, Schuyler
Walker, Wendell
Wampler, William C.,
Ward, Jeion
Ware, R.
Watts, Vivian
Webert, Michael
Wiley, William D. (Bill)
Willett, Rodney
Williams Graves,
Wilt, Tony
Wright, Thomas C.,
Wyatt, Scott

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