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House adjourned sine die at 8:30 p.m. (4/22/20)

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Courts of Justice

  • Chair: Herring, Charniele L.
  • Vice Chair: Watts, Vivian E.
  • Meeting Time: ½ hour after adjournment
  • Meeting Day: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Meeting Location: House Room 3
  • Clerk:
  • Annie Johnson, Cathy Hooe
  • (804) 698-1542 (Johnson), (804) 698-1537 (Hooe)
  • DLS Contact:
  • Britt Olwine, Attorney, Taylor Mey, Attorney, Shannon Heard
  • (804) 698 - 1815 (Olwine), (804) 698-1870(Mey), (804) 698 - 1831 (Heard)

Courts of Justice Membership

Delegate District #Room #PartyCapitol PhoneDistrict PhoneEmail
Herring, Charniele L. (Chair)46thE606D(804) 698-1046(703)
Watts, Vivian E. (Vice Chair)39thE203D(804) 698-1039(703)
Hope, Patrick A.47thE222D(804) 698-1047(703)
Simon, Marcus B.53rdW427D(804) 698-1053(571)
Lindsey, Joseph C.90thE321D(804) 698-1090(757)
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr.48thE220D(804) 698-1048(571)
Levine, Mark H.45thE409D(804) 698-1045(571)
Heretick, Stephen E.79thE209D(804) 698-1079(757)
Mullin, Michael P.93rdE406D(804) 698-1093(757)
Bourne, Jeffrey M.71stW231D(804) 698-1071(804)
Delaney, Karrie K. 67thE407D(804) 698-1067(703)
Carroll Foy, Jennifer D.2ndW428D(804) 698-1002(571)
Scott, Don L., Jr.80thW438D(804) 698-1080(757)
Kilgore, Terry G.1stE201R(804) 698-1001(276)
Bell, Robert B.58thE311R(804) 698-1058(434)
Ransone, Margaret B.99thE412R(804) 698-1099(804)
Leftwich, James A. (Jay), Jr.78thE404R(804) 698-1078(757)
Adams, Leslie R. (Les)16thE205R(804) 698-1016(434)
Campbell, Jeffrey L.6thW229R(804) 698-1006(276)
Miyares, Jason S.82ndW225R(804) 698-1082(757)
Campbell, Ronnie R.24thE302R(804) 698-1024(540)



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Virginia House of Delegates 2020
Delegate Joseph C. Lindsey
Preferred Name: Joe
Member Since: September 6, 2014
D - Cities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part)
90th District
Capitol Office
Pocahontas Building
900 E. Main St,
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Office: (804) 698-1090
Room Number: E321  Map It
Legislative Assistant: Shakira Brown
Administrative Assistant During Session: Shirley Tarlton
District Office
500 East Plume Street, Suite 105
Norfolk, VA 23510
Office: (757) 623-6522
District Description:
Cities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part)
  • House District: 90th
  • Congressional District: 2nd and 3rd
  • Congressional District Residence: 3rd
District Map:
90th District Map
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Personal Information

  • Birth Year: 1959
  • Place of Birth: Norfolk, VA
  • Gender: Male
  • Race(s): African American
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Spouse: Rhoda Venetia German
  • Children: Ashley Hawkins and Jason
  • Membership & Affiliation: Calvary Revival Church
    Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association
    Southampton Roads Bar Association
    Virginia State Bar
  • Education: Hampton Institute (B.A., Political Science, 1981)
    American University Washington College of Law, Washington, DC (1984)
  • Occupation/Profession: Attorney

Other Commission & Committee Appointments

  • 2020 Appointment Pending

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