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House Courts of Justice Committee
Chair: Bell, Robert B.

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/20/2017 1/2 hour upon adjournment of House
Location: House Room C
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
Annie Johnson,, 804-698-1542
DLS Contact:
David Cotter,, 804-786-3591, ext. 204 Britt Olwine,, 804-786-3591, ext. 208 Emma Buck,, 804-786-3591, ext. 240 Steve Mutnick, Mary Kate Felch,, 804-786-591, ext. 203 (Judicial Panel/Interviews)

Announcements, Administrative Actions, Bills Before Committee - Delegate Albo

Bill(s) Patron
SB1222 Barker, George L. Acute psychiatric patient registry; DBHDS to develop and administer.

Civil Subcommittee Recommends Reporting Uncontested Block Vote - Delegate Habeeb

Bill(s) Patron
SB815 Surovell, Scott A. Child support, unpaid; priority of debts to be paid from decedent's assets.
SB867 Stuart, Richard H. Lien against person whose negligence causes injury; emergency medical services agency.
SB873 Marsden, David W. Authority of fire chief over unmanned aircraft systems at a fire, etc.; civil liability.
SB913 Edwards, John S. Uniform Trust Decanting Act; creation.
SB927 Petersen, J. Chapman Eminent domain; timing for initiation of 'quick-take' condemnation procedure for just compensation.
SB946 Obenshain, Mark D. Appeal to Supreme Court; time frame for filing of petition.
SB947 Obenshain, Mark D. Petition for appeal to Supreme Court; time period within which petition must be presented.
SB1024 Dunnavant, Siobhan S. Doctor of medicine, etc.; reporting disabilities of drivers to DMV, not subject to civil liability.
SB1060 Black, Richard H. Female genital mutilation; criminal penalty and civil action.
SB1153 Obenshain, Mark D. Inverse condemnation proceeding; reimbursement of owner's costs.
SB1189 Edwards, John S. Water and sewer services; liens, owners, lessees, or tenants.
SB1342 Surovell, Scott A. District courts; jurisdictional limit does not include any attorney fees.
SB1343 Surovell, Scott A. Guardian ad litem; reimbursement for cost.
SB1360 Reeves, Bryce E. Military Affairs, Department of; civil actions.
SB1421 Mason, T. Montgomery "Monty" Condemnation proceeding; interest on the amount of award.
SB1459 Edwards, John S. Discharge of treasurer; legal pleadings.

Civil Subcommittee Recommends Reporting Contested - Delegate Habeeb

Bill(s) Patron
SB928 Petersen, J. Chapman Substitute judges.
SB1210 Wexton, Jennifer T. Unlawful creation of image of another; civil action.
SB1413 Sturtevant, Glen H., Jr. Immunity of persons; statements regarding matters of public concern communicated to a third party.
SB1498 Surovell, Scott A. Intoxicated drivers; punitive damages for persons injured.

Criminal Subcommittee Recommends Reporting Uncontested Block - Delegate Bell

Bill(s) Patron
SB817 Surovell, Scott A. Restricted driver's license; purposes.
SB854 Stanley, William M., Jr. Unpaid court fines, etc.; increases grace period for collection.
SB1008 Hanger, Emmett W., Jr. Barrier crimes; clarifies individual crimes, criminal history records checks.
SB1054 Stuart, Richard H. Fire alarms; maliciously activating, penalty.
SB1091 Ebbin, Adam P. Marijuana offenses; driver's license forfeiture.
SB1172 Dance, Rosalyn R. Fare enforcement inspectors; fares for use of mass transit.
SB1276 McDougle, Ryan T. Traffic violations, certain; dismissal for proof of compliance with law.
SB1284 Obenshain, Mark D. Court-ordered restitution; form order, enforcement, noncompliance, etc.
SB1330 Carrico, Charles W., Sr. Critical incident stress management team; peer support team privileged communications.
SB1501 Favola, Barbara A. Physical evidence recovery kit; victim's right to notification of scientific analysis information.

Criminal Subcommittee Recommends Reporting Contested - Delegate Bell

Bill(s) Patron
SB861 Surovell, Scott A. Preliminary protective orders; contents of order.
SB865 Stuart, Richard H. Furnishing certain weapons to minor; exemption.
SB1068 Deeds, R. Creigh Ski resorts; penalties.
SB1257 Chafin, A. Benton "Ben" Two-way video testimony; forensic analysis and examination.
SB1285 Obenshain, Mark D. Restitution; supervised probation.
SB1347 Reeves, Bryce E. Switchblade knife; person may carry concealed, exception.
SB1564 Norment, Thomas K., Jr. DUI; search warrants for blood withdrawals.
SB1594 Vogel, Jill Holtzman Conservators of the peace; investigator employed by an attorney for the Commonwealth.

Mental Health Subcommittee Recommends Reporting - Delegate Cline

Bill(s) Patron
SB935 Lucas, L. Louise Inpatient psychiatric hospital admission; defendant found incompetent.
SB1006 Hanger, Emmett W., Jr. Commitment hearings; sharing of records and information.

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