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House Courts of Justice Committee
Chair: Bell, Robert B.

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/27/2017 Immediately upon adjournment of House
Location: House Room C
Notes: The full Courts meeting will be followed by Mental Health Subcommittee in HRC and Ethics Subcommittee in 4th floor west.
Active item: HB 1434 Head
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
Annie Johnson,, 804-698-1542
DLS Contact:
David Cotter,, 804-786-3591, ext. 204 Britt Olwine,, 804-786-3591, ext. 208 Emma Buck,, 804-786-3591, ext. 240 Steve Mutnick, Mary Kate Felch,, 804-786-591, ext. 203 (Judicial Panel/Interviews)

Announcements and Administrative Actions

Civil Subcommittee Recommends Reporting (Block Vote)

Bill(s) Patron
HB1590 Campbell, Jeffrey L. Duty of care to law-enforcement officers and firefighters; fireman's rule.
HB1609 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Nurse practitioner as expert witness; scope of activities.
HB1689 Habeeb, Gregory D. Medical records or papers; fee limits, penalty for failure to provide.
HB1699 Marshall, Daniel W., III Danville, City of; recordation of deeds subject to liens for unpaid taxes.
HB1737 Collins, Christopher E. Civilian employees and foreign service officers; personal jurisdiction over a person, domicile, etc.
HB1746 Rush, Nick Higher educational institutions; possession and administration of epinephrine.
HB1748 O'Bannon, John M., III Charity health care services; liability protection for administrators.
HB1811 Loupassi, G. Manoli Unlawful detainer; initial hearings on a summons, etc.
HB1832 Kilgore, Terry G. Negotiable instruments; statute of limitations.
HB2024 Freitas, Nicholas J. Condemnation powers and proceedings; notice to owner or tenant.
HB2035 Miller, Jackson H. Electronic filing of land records; fee for paper filing.
HB2276 Wilt, Tony O. Death certificate; amendments other than correction of information.
HB2289 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Divorce or dissolution of marriage; award of life insurance.
HB2328 Collins, Christopher E. Persons allowed services without fees or costs; inability to pay on account of poverty, guidelines.

Civil Subcommittee Recommends Reporting (Contested Docket)

Bill(s) Patron
HB1514 Fowler, Hyland F."Buddy," Jr. Doctor of medicine, etc.; reporting disabilities of drivers to DMV, not subject to civil liability.
HB1524 Lingamfelter, L. Scott Special conservators of the peace; liability insurance, etc.
HB1586 Campbell, Jeffrey L. Court-ordered custody and visitation arrangements; transmission of order to child's school.
HB1941 Kilgore, Terry G. Immunity of persons; statements regarding matters of public concern communicated to a third party.
HB2128 Levine, Mark H. Custody and visitation agreements; best interests of the child.
HB2281 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Residential rental property; foreclosure shall act as a termination of rental agreement by landlord.
HB2307 Bulova, David L. Cover sheet for deed; property subject to the Property Owners' Association Act.
HB2324 Yost, Joseph R. Jurors; payment by prepaid debit card or card account.
HB2385 Lingamfelter, L. Scott Assessed court costs; electronic summons system.

Criminal Subcommittee Recommends Reporting (Block Vote)

Bill(s) Patron
HB1411 Albo, David B. Privately retained counsel; rules and regulations, client's failure to pay.
HB1525 Albo, David B. Driver's licenses; revocation or suspension, laws of other jurisdictions.
HB1622 Collins, Christopher E. Commercial vehicles; harmonizes penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) and commercial DUI.
HB1799 O'Bannon, John M., III Controlled substances; use of FDA-approved substance upon publication of final rule, etc.
HB1851 Gilbert, C. Todd Assault and battery against a family or household member; deferred disposition, waiver of appeal.
HB1855 Bell, Robert B. Court-ordered restitution; form order, enforcement, noncompliance, etc.
HB1951 Peace, Christopher K. Criminal Justice Services Board and its Committee on Training; citizen membership.
HB2051 Adams, Les R. Marijuana offenses; driver's license forfeiture.
HB2073 Watts, Vivian E. Virginia Consumer Protection Act; adds certain fraud crimes.
HB2084 Herring, Charniele L. Search warrants; person subject to arrest.
HB2231 Miller, Jackson H. Ignition interlock system; period of time which person is prohibited to drive, etc.
HB2240 Miller, Jackson H. Victims of crime; right to nondisclosure of certain information.
HB2287 Collins, Christopher E. Juvenile Justice, Department of; confidentiality of records.
HB2338 Bell, Robert B. Restitution; priority of payments.
HB2386 Loupassi, G. Manoli Unpaid court fines, etc.; increases grace period for collection.
HB2467 Bell, Robert B. Driving on a suspended or revoked license; period of suspension.

Criminal Subcommittee Recommends Reporting (Contested Docket)

Bill(s) Patron
HB1765 Bulova, David L. Circuit court; failure to appear in accordance with condition of bail, etc.
HB2361 Collins, Christopher E. Brandishing a firearm; intent to induce fear, etc., penalty.
HB2429 O'Quinn, Israel D. Firearms; purchase, possession, or transportation.

Report and Refer to Appropriations

Bill(s) Patron
HB1856 Bell, Robert B. Restitution; supervised probation.
HB2127 Levine, Mark H. Victims of sexual assault; rights of victims, physical evidence recovery kits.

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