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House Courts of Justice Committee
Chair: Bell, Robert B.

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Last Updated: 01/19/2017 01:41 PM
Meeting Date & Time: 01/20/2017 Immediately upon adjournment of House Update
Location: House Room C
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
Annie Johnson,, 804-698-1542
DLS Contact:
David Cotter,, 804-786-3591, ext. 204 Britt Olwine,, 804-786-3591, ext. 208 Mary Kate Felch,, 804-786-591, ext. 203 (Judicial Panel/Interviews)

Announcements and Administrative Actions

Criminal Subcommittee Recommends Reporting - Uncontested Block Vote

Bill(s) Patron
HB1404 Cole, Mark L. Fire alarms; maliciously activating, penalty.
HB1493 Hope, Patrick A. Sales draft; definition, credit card offenses, penalty.
HB1513 Farrell, Peter F. Personal appearance by two-way electronic video and audio communication.
HB1545 Collins, Christopher E. Criminal cases; delayed appeals, assignments of errors dismissed in part.
HB1560 Krizek, Paul E. Procedure when aliens convicted of certain felonies; forms.
HB1580 Campbell, Jeffrey L. Child pornography; lawful possession by employees of Department of Social Services.
HB1647 Loupassi, G. Manoli Presentence report; waiver by defendant.
HB1791 Lingamfelter, L. Scott Conspiracy, incitement, etc., to riot; penalty when against public safety personnel.
HB1812 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Presentence reports; access by work release programs.
HB1844 Ransone, Margaret B. Supreme Court of Virginia; Executive Secretary to maintain case information system.
HB1874 Pogge, Brenda L. Search warrants; customer records from financial institutions.
HB1882 Hope, Patrick A. Capital cases; replacing certain terminology.
HB1903 Heretick, Steve E. Business records; admissibility in criminal proceedings.
HB1921 Robinson, Roxann L. Battery; expands penalty when against health care provider.
HB2166 Pillion, Todd E. Controlled substances; possession, penalty.
HB2268 Adams, Les R. Ignition interlock violations; venue for prosecution of any offense.
HB2329 Morefield, James W. Capitol Police, Division of; arrest without warrant.

Criminial Subcommittee - Contested

Bill(s) Patron
HB1432 Ware, R. Lee Switchblade knife; exception to carry concealed.
HB1621 Collins, Christopher E. Preliminary hearing; certification of ancillary misdemeanors, fees and costs.
HB1765 Bulova, David L. Circuit court; failure to appear in accordance with condition of bail, etc.
HB1931 Carr, Betsy B. Fare enforcement inspectors; enforcement of payment of fares for use of mass transit facilities.

Civil Subcommittee Recommends Reporting - Uncontested BLOCK VOTE

Bill(s) Patron
HB1448 Miyares, Jason S. Self-settled spendthrift trusts; certain legal entities to act as qualified trustee.
HB1456 Albo, David B. Custody and visitation orders; use of term parenting time.
HB1479 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Attorney discipline; procedures.
HB1492 Hope, Patrick A. Child support orders; special needs trust or ABLE savings trust account.
HB1515 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Circuit court clerks; electronic transfer of certain documents.
HB1516 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Surviving spouse's elective share; homestead allowance benefit.
HB1589 Campbell, Jeffrey L. Order of publication; use of electronic medium.
HB1608 Leftwich, James A."Jay" Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
HB1617 Habeeb, Gregory D. Legal malpractice; estate planning.
HB1618 Habeeb, Gregory D. Nonexoneration of debts on property of decedent; notice to creditor and beneficiaries.
HB1630 Habeeb, Gregory D. Circuit court clerks; report of money kept by clerk.
HB1641 Loupassi, G. Manoli Insurance policy limits; disclosure, homeowners or personal injury liability insurance.
HB1646 Loupassi, G. Manoli Form of garnishment summons; maximum portion of disposable earnings subject to garnishment.
HB1652 Loupassi, G. Manoli City of Richmond general district court; concurrent criminal jurisdiction.
HB1654 Loupassi, G. Manoli Examining and approving a statement in lieu of the settlement of accounts; fee for commissioner.
HB1692 Collins, Christopher E. Effect of divorce proceedings; transfer of matters to the juvenile and domestic relations court.
HB1713 Minchew, J. Randall Nonconfidential court records; secure remote access, date of birth verification.
HB1816 Minchew, J. Randall Demurrers; amended pleadings.
HB1992 Habeeb, Gregory D. Lien priority; inserts "real estate" in several places related to priority of tax liens.
HB1994 Habeeb, Gregory D. Zoning appeals, board of; clarifies provisions referring to appeal costs, includes governing body.
HB2050 Adams, Les R. Tenancy; severance by the entireties by written instrument.

Civil Subcommittee Recommends Reporting - Contested

Bill(s) Patron
HB1604 Bell, Richard P. Foster care; definitions, reasonable efforts to prevent removal of child.

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