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House Education - Early Childhood/Innovation Subcommittee Committee
Chair: Coyner, Carrie

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/25/2023 Immediately upon adjournment of full committee
Location: House Committee Room
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Committee Clerk:
Becky Cottrell (804) 698-1945
DLS Contact:
Ryan Brimmer (804) 698-1820

Block 1

Bill(s) Patron
HB1371 Scott, P.A. Education Savings Account Program established; Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits.
HB1396 March Education Savings Account Program; established, Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits.
HB1397 March Student immunization requirements; parental opt-out.
HB1434 Ballard Student records; name change, court order required.
HB1492 Davis Special education and related services; certain deadlines.
HB1566 Rasoul Public school teachers and other Standards of Quality-funded positions; compensation.
HB1575 Walker Public elementary/secondary schools; development of Safety While Accessing Tech. education program.
HB1666 Marshall Public schools; unscheduled remote learning days.
HB1698 Simon Child day programs; exemption from licensure, certain programs offered by local school divisions.
HB1717 VanValkenburg Public elementary and secondary school teachers; frequency of certain training activities, report.
HB1728 VanValkenburg Teachers, certain temporarily employed; length of employment, short-term extension permitted.
HB1736 LaRock Family life education curriculum guidelines; human reproduction, viewing of ultrasound video.
HB1742 Carr Virginia student environmental literacy; grant fund and program.
HB1762 Reid Teacher Reengagement Program; established, report.
HB1816 Avoli Standards of Learning; instruction on dangers and victims of communism.
HB1825 Avoli Child care; background checks for applicants for employment, etc.
HB1851 Subramanyam Standards of Learning; consultation on revision, etc.
HB1861 Head Virginia Museum of Transportation; established, report, membership, board of trustees.
HB1884 Wampler Students with disabilities; assessment frequency.
HB1893 Walker School boards; requires posting of certain information on its website.
HB1926 Tata Tuition Assistance Grant Program; eligible institutions proprietary private institutions.
HB1938 Plum Public schools; school counselors with training or experience in mental health, staffing ratios.
HB2030 Ballard School boards; interdivision enrollment policies, funding.
HB2031 Roem Farm to School Program Task Force; Department of Education to establish.
HB2067 Lopez Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Exam Fee Elimination Fund & Program; established.
HB2090 Glass Standards of Quality; funding to support achievement of at-risk students.
HB2111 Bourne Standards of Quality; work-based learning, teacher leaders and mentors, principal mentors.
HB2137 Delaney Early student literacy; submission and posting of reading intervention materials.
HB2140 Delaney Epinephrine; policies for possession & administration at early childhood care, etc.
HB2143 Guzman Teach for Virginia Loan Repayment Assistance Fund and Program; established.
HB2145 Guzman Standards of Learning assessments; English language learner students, parental opt out.
HB2170 Williams Public school pupil participation on certain teams and in certain clubs; parental consent.
HB2177 Sickles Critical National Security Language Grant Fund and Program; established.
HB2187 Rasoul School counselors; staff time.
HB2236 Hayes Secured Schools Program and Fund; established.
HB2269 Emergency Greenhalgh Federal pandemic relief; funds for public education, certain conditions.
HB2341 Davis High school graduation; alternative pathways to advanced studies diploma & associated diploma seals.
HB2346 Guzman School boards; anonymous reporting system, assessment of risk of violence, etc.
HB2358 Durant School protection officers; employment in public schools.
HB2367 Hudson Speech-language pathologists; Department of Education to develop a statewide strategic plan.
HB2457 Batten Public elementary and secondary school teachers; frequency of certain training activities, report.

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