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House Finance Committee
Chair: Robinson, Roxann L.

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/26/2022 ½ hour after adjournment of House
Location: House Committee Room
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Notes: Patrons whose bills reported out of subcommittee favorably do not need to attend the full committee.
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Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1543 (Senior)
DLS Contact:
(804) 698 - 1817(Kaplan): (804) 698-1880 (Kindermann)

Presentation from the Virginia Department of Taxation

Presentation on Conformity

Subcommittee #1 Report

Bill(s) Patron
HB291 Rasoul Income tax, state; creates a nonrefundable tax credit for family caregivers.
HB402 Willett Landlords, participation; tax credit.
HB592 Clark Income tax, state and corporate; conversion to employee ownership.

Subcommittee #2 Report

Bill(s) Patron
HB148 Runion Certified pollution control equipment; certification by subdivisions.
HB226 Coyner Taxes; appeal of local assessments.
HB238 Orrock Land use assessment; forms used for revalidation of applications shall be prepared by TAX.
HB551 Scott, D.L. Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for medicine and drugs purchased by veterinarians.
HB693 Keam Vehicle registration; personal property tax relief.
HB791 McNamara Data centers; center fixtures are taxed as part of the real property where they are located, etc.
HB1155 Byron Retail Sales and Use Tax; definitions, media-related exemptions.
HB1168 Watts Real property; tax exemption for certain disabled veterans and surviving spouses.

Full Committee

Bill(s) Patron
HB338 Simon Retirement and taxation; obsolete and not set out sections.
HB971 Emergency Byron Commonwealth's taxation system; conformity with the Internal Revenue Code, Rebuild Va. grants, etc.
HB1003 Emergency Byron Internal Revenue Code; conformity of the Commonwealth's taxation system.

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