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House Education - K-12 Subcommittee Committee
Chair: VanValkenburg, Schuyler

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/25/2022 07:30 AM
Location: House Room 2
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Notes: Please note: Bills not heard January 25 at 7:30 am will be heard in an additional meeting Tuesday afternoon, January 25 at 4 pm in House Room 1.
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Committee Clerk:
Becky Cottrell (804) 698-1945
DLS Contact:
Ryan Brimmer (804) 698 - 1820

Block 1

Bill(s) Patron
HB89 Walker Disorderly conduct in public places; provisions shall not apply to student in grades kindergarten-8.
HB127 Davis Governor's Schools, academic year; certain practices prohibited and required.
HB236 Emergency Orrock Teachers' licenses, certain; Board of Education permitted to temporarily extend.
HB246 Kilgore School attendance; 4-H educational programs and activities.
HB294 Freitas Education improvement scholarship tax credit; eligible students in need of safer school environment.
HB313 Krizek Public school buses; new buses to be equipped with seat belts.
HB362 Subramanyam School boards, local; instruction on climate change.
HB363 Freitas School board employees, certain; grounds for dismissal, report.
HB371 Convirs-Fowler School board employees, licensed; cultural competency training, bullying.
HB433 Bulova Standards of Learning, certain; assessments, method of administration.

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