Virginia House of Delegates Committee Agendas

House Finance Committee
Chair: Watts, Vivian E.

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/19/2020 Immediately upon adjournment of House
Location: House Room 3, Capitol
Notes: Senators, this is the last scheduled Full Finance Committee meeting prior to the Revenue Bill deadline. If your Senate Bill reported from a House Finance Subcommittee unanimously or with only one negative vote, you do not need to be present, unless the Subcommittee Chair suggested otherwise.
Video: Archived
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1948 Susan Armentrout
DLS Contact:
(804) 698 - 1817(Kaplan): (804) 698-1880 (Kindermann)

Full Committee Legislation

Bill(s) Patron
SB11 Ebbin Disposable plastic bags; local tax.
SB93 Emergency DeSteph Taxes on income, wills, and administrations; exemption for victims of the Va. Beach mass shooting.
SB452 Edwards Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain counties and cities.
SB744 McPike Misclassification of employees as independent contractors; Department of Taxation to investigate.
SB890 Saslaw Transportation; amends numerous laws related to funds, safety programs, revenue sources, etc.
SB1038 Lucas Hampton Roads Regional Transit Program and Fund; created, transit funding.

Subcommittee #1 Report (Keam)

Bill(s) Patron
SB277 Barker Income tax, state and corporate; deduction for commuter benefits provided by an employer.
SB500 Reeves Teaching material expenses; establishes a tax credit, effective clause.
SB590 Hanger Advanced recycling; incentives in income tax, sales tax, and machinery and tools tax, taxable years.
SB735 Newman Peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platforms; definitions, establishes requirements.
SB745 Bell Income tax, state; exclusion, student loan forgiveness, disabled veterans.
SB923 Lucas Motion picture production tax credit; media-related exemptions, extends sunset provision.
SB931 Morrissey Income tax, state; subtraction for crime stopper rewards.
SB1012 Dunnavant Income tax, state; subtraction for certain low-income and middle-income students, effective clause.
SB1058 Lewis Income tax, corporate; returns of affiliated corporations, effective date.

Subcommittee #2 Report (Heretick)

Bill(s) Patron
SB224 Norment Gloucester County; additional sales and use tax, appropriations to incorporated towns.
SB231 Boysko Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for menstrual supplies, effective date and clause.
SB588 Hanger Localities; authority to levy taxes.
SB943 Ruff Mecklenburg County; additional sales and use tax, appropriations to incorporated towns.

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