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House Health, Welfare and Institutions - Health Subcommittee Committee
Chair: Hope, Patrick A.

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Last Updated: 02/18/2020 11:19 AM
Meeting Date & Time: 02/18/2020 04:30 PM Update
Location: 400-B Subcommittee Room (Pocahontas Building)
Notes: Please note revised meeting time.
Active item: Meeting adjourned
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1547 (Slough)
DLS Contact:
(804) 698-1824 (Stanton) (804) 698-1868 (Abdelhalim)

Senate bills to Consider in HWI - Health Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
SB185 Dunnavant Nursing homes, hospices, etc.; possession and administration of cannabidiol or THC-A.
SB300 Stanley DMAS; remote patient monitoring, rural populations.
SB301 Stanley Medically underserved areas; transporting patients to 24-hour urgent care facilities.
SB386 McPike Emergency Medical Services Patient Care Information System; trauma data, confidentiality.
SB397 Kiggans Nursing homes; VDH to convene work group related to increasing availability of clinical workforce.
SB564 Edwards Virginia Hearing Loss Identification & Monitoring System; language development for certain children.
SB903 Vogel Hospitals; screening emergency department patients, etc.
SB913 Vogel Home hospice programs; disposal of drugs, opioids.
SB983 Lucas Certificate of public need; definition of "medical care facility," facilities subject to review.
SB993 Locke State Health Commissioner; local health directors, qualifications.
SB1081 Suetterlein COPN; demonstration of public need and compliance with State Medical Facilities Plan.
SB1088 Stuart Nongovernmental emergency medical services agencies; dissolution of agency.

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