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House Education - Early Childhood/Innovation Subcommittee Committee
Chair: Coyner, Carrie

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/03/2020 07:00 AM
Location: House Committee Room
Notes: This is the final meeting of the subcommittee before crossover. Bills passed by for the day will not be considered this session.
Active item: Meeting adjourned
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1544
DLS Contact:
(804) 698 - 1820

Block 1

Bill(s) Patron
HB197 Orrock Financial literacy objectives; DOE to determine feasibility of incorporating into mathematics SOL.
HB231 Freitas Children with disabilities; alternative placements, state funds.
HB233 Mugler Teachers; required to be compensated at or above national average.
HB272 VanValkenburg Sixth grade science curriculum; DOE & DEQ to update.
HB332 Hope Reading diagnostic tests; DOE to develop and implement a pilot program.
HB399 Keam Public education; state accountability and reporting, student subgroup size.
HB522 Kory "Students with limited or interrupted formal education;" DOE to develop statewide definition.
HB527 Kory Student assessments; language translation.
HB694 Simonds Students in grades 6, 7, and 8; computer science/introduction to technology course required.
HB931 Coyner Public schools; reduces number of Standards of Learning assessments, report.
HB1122 Robinson Public schools; electives on the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament and the New Testament.
HB1123 Davis High school graduation requirements; certain substitutions.
HB1139 Keam Students; screening and identifying for eligibility for certain programs.
HB1143 Tran Local school boards; support services positions, licensed behavior analysts.
HB1276 O'Quinn School boards; career and technical education, academic and career plans, contents.
HB1277 O'Quinn Public schools; Standards of Learning assessments.
HB1294 Kory English language learner students, certain; removal from certain calculations.
HB1388 Adams, D.M. Public school accreditation; triennial review.
HB1400 Willett High school graduation requirements; English as a second language courses.
HB1419 Jones School resource officers and school security officers; training standards.
HB1653 Wilt School counselors; staffing ratios, report.
HB1680 Tyler Career and Technical Education Work-Based Learning Guide; Board of Education to review and revise.
HB1722 Roem Applied behavior analysis services; Department of Education shall develop guidance and resources.

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