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House Education Committee
Chair: Davis, Glenn R.

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/27/2020 09:00 AM
Location: House Committee Room
Notes: Bills reporting out of subcommittee unanimously or with recommendation for carryover or Incorporation do not require a patron's presence. Should an issue arise with a bill, the patron will be paged or the bill will be passed by for the day.
Active item: Meeting adjourned
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1544
DLS Contact:
(804) 698 - 1820

Bills Reporting from Subcommittee on Pre-K - 12

Bill(s) Patron
HB15 Krizek Public school buses; seat belts.
HB49 McNamara Students with disabilities, certain; feasibility of educational placement transition.
HB134 Runion Individualized education program teams; Department of Education to develop guidelines.
HB145 Simon Public elementary and secondary schools; treatment of transgender students, policies.
HB762 Cole, J.G. Children's Services Act; special education programs.
HB1491 Guy Student voters; public high schools to provide Virginia voter registration information.
HB1557 Fowler Appointed school boards; eliminates the annual salary limits for board members.
HB1578 Wyatt Appointed school boards; members, salaries.

Bill Reporting from Subcommittee on Pre-K - 12 recommending Continuance to 2021

Bill(s) Patron
HB40 Samirah Public schools; mental health break spaces, regulations.

Bills Reporting from Post-Secondary and Higher Education

Bill(s) Patron
HB103 Lindsey Higher educational institutions, certain; transcript notations, expungement.
HB104 Lindsey Higher educational institutions, public; non-academic student codes of conduct.
HB300 Simon Higher educational institutions; intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes, compensation.
HB375 Willett Postsecondary schools; enrollment agreements, disputes, arbitration.
HB611 Miyares Higher educational institutions, public; governing board, educational programs.
HB743 Bulova Higher educational institutions; qualified education loans, providers of private education loans.
HB811 Miyares Higher educational institutions; intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes, compensation.
HB913 Helmer Higher educational institutions; sexual violence policies, immunity from disciplinary action.
HB992 Adams, L.R. A.L. Philpott Manufacturing Extension Partnership; staff shall be treated as state employees.

Bills Reporting from Subcommittee on Post Secondary/Higher Ed Recommending Continuance to 2021

Bill(s) Patron
HB194 Orrock Community Colleges, State Board for; degree completion agreements, plan and framework.
HB195 Orrock Higher Education for Virginia, State Council of; course credit for dual enrollment, strategies.
HB1115 Hudson Higher educational institutions, public; threat assessment team, data reporting.
HB1309 Carroll Foy Higher educational institutions, public; entrance requirements, computer coding.
HB1584 Davis Business advisory committee; established.

Bill Reporting from Subcommittee on SOL and SOQ

Bill(s) Patron
HB1336 Keam Family life education; school boards to review curricula, contemporary community standards.

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