Virginia House of Delegates Committee Agendas

House Appropriations Committee
Chair: Jones, S. Chris

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/11/2019 ½ hour after adjournment of House
Location: Shared Committee Room
Notes: Please Note: Senate Bills before the full House Appropriations Committee will be presented by the Appropriations Staff. Therefore, it is not necessary for the Senate Patron to be present.
Active item: Meeting adjourned at: 04:45 PM
Video: Archived
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1612 (Shelhorse);
Staff Contact:
(804) 698-1590 (Karnes); (804) 698 - 1869 (Garstka)

Bills Before the Committee - BLOCK 1 (Maggio):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1519 Emergency Carrico University of Virginia's College at Wise; reduced rate tuition.
SB1593 Dunnavant SCHEV; financial aid award notification.
SB1617 Ruff Tech Talent Investment Program and Fund; created, report.
SB1628 Dunnavant Innovative Internship Fund and Program; created and established.
SB1703 Suetterlein Library of Virginia; disposition of official correspondence of the Governor, effective clause.

Bill Before the Committee - BLOCK 2 (Jay):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1018 Chase Redistricting; GIS maps required, review by the Department of Elections.

Bills Before the Committee - BLOCK 3 (Maupai):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1651 Howell Partnership for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Authority; increases membership, etc.

Bills Before the Committee - BLOCK 4 (Oman):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1680 Mason Mass transit providers; loss of certain operating funds.
SB1775 Carrico Highways, Commissioner of; report on operation of overweight trucks on highways.

Bills Before the Committee - BLOCK 5 (Reynolds):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1274 Chafin Forensic Science, Department of; purchase of forensic laboratory services.
SB1669 Vogel Sex Trafficking Response Coordinator; establishes position, duties, report.

Bills Before the Committee - BLOCK 6 (Massart):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1129 Locke Food stamps and TANF; eligibility, drug-related felonies.
SB1253 Reeves Foster care; security freeze on credit report.
SB1257 Vogel Child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporters.
SB1509 Carrico Southwestern Virginia Training Center; disposition of certain real property in Carroll County.
SB1661 Peake Child abuse and neglect; victims of sex trafficking, etc.
SB1679 Mason Family First Prevention Services Act; statutory alignment.

Bill Before the Committee - BLOCK 7 (Hogge):

Bill(s) Patron
SB1406 Dance School boards; staffing ratios, guidance counselors.

Michael J. Friedlander, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion

Update on the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion


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