Virginia House of Delegates Committee Agendas

House Commerce and Labor Committee
Chair: Kilgore, Terry G.

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/12/2019 ½ hour after adjournment of House
Location: House Committee Room
Notes: Added SB1717 and SB1729 to docket.
Video: Archived
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1546
DLS Contact:
(804) 698 - 1816 (Munyan); (804) 698-1871 (Noonan)

Block 1

Bill(s) Patron
SB1027 Sturtevant Health insurance; catastrophic health plans.
SB1041 Black Va. Telephone Privacy Protection Act; joint liability of seller & telephone solicitor for violation.
SB1079 Spruill Minimum wage; exemptions.
SB1112 Howell Student loans; licensing of qualified education loan servicers, civil penalties.
SB1161 Emergency Ruff Cancer patients; expedited review of adverse coverage determinations.
SB1176 McPike State Corporation Commission; natural gas utilities, investigative reports.
SB1177 McPike Virginia Health Club Act; automated external defibrillator required in health clubs.
SB1178 Sturtevant Health carriers; services provided by nurse practitioners.
SB1188 Dance Extended service contract providers; bonding requirement, remedies, civil penalty.
SB1197 Dance Pharmacies; freedom of choice.
SB1222 Chafin Insurance licensing, biennial; renewal for individuals and business entities, etc.
SB1240 Reeves Health insurance; short-term, limited-duration plans.
SB1272 Sturtevant Banks; directors' meetings.
SB1293 Chafin Uninsured motorist insurance coverage; settlement and release.
SB1325 Chafin Guaranteed asset protection waivers; establishes requirements for offering waivers, etc.
SB1387 Wagner Low-wage employees; covenants not to compete, civil penalty.
SB1415 Mason Public adjusters; regulation.
SB1427 Obenshain Water and sewerage companies; cost allocation and rate design.
SB1475 Deeds Health insurance; small employers.
SB1490 Obenshain Aged or incapacitated adults; financial exploitation, authority to refuse transactions.
SB1513 Carrico Agricultural equipment; time frame for reporting nonconformities.
SB1565 Dunnavant Travel insurance; establishes procedures and requirements.
SB1596 Dunnavant Health plans; calculation of enrollee's contribution.
SB1600 Dance Motor fuels; labeling.
SB1605 Ebbin Electric utilities; stakeholder process for energy efficiency programs.
SB1609 Saslaw Banks; capital stock.
SB1611 Dunnavant Health care shared savings; incentive programs.
SB1662 Wagner Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs.
SB1693 Vogel Health insurance; coverage for autism spectrum disorder.
SB1695 Wagner Public utilities; acquisition of rights-of-way for economic development sites.
SB1696 Wagner Wage payment statements; each employer to provide on each regular pay date.
SB1707 Chafin Southwest Virginia Energy Research and Development Authority; created, sunset provision.
SB1717 Dunnavant Commonwealth Care Health Benefits Program; association health plans for individual market.
SB1729 Norment Workers' compensation; payment of claims.
SB1734 Deeds Accident and sickness insurance; restrictions relating to premium rates.
SB1769 Sturtevant Electric utilities; net energy metering.
SB1779 Ebbin Electric utilities; municipal net energy metering.
SB1787 Newman Motor vehicle insurance; compliance verification by DMV.

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