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House Privileges and Elections - Gubernatorial Appointments Subcommittee Committee
Chair: Convirs-Fowler, Kelly

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/02/2016 07:30 AM
Location: 9th Floor Appropriations Room
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
Marjorie Hrouda,, 804-698-1945
DLS Contact:
Meg Burruss,, 804-786-3591 ext 229

BLOCK 1 - Bills concerning redistricting

Bill(s) Patron
HB26 Sullivan Congressional and state legislative districts; standards and criteria for drawing districts.
HB247 Ward Voter referendum; independent redistricting commission.
HB303 Rasoul Virginia Interim Redistricting Commission; criteria for remedial redistricting plans.
HB553 Minchew Congressional and state legislative districts; criteria for General Assembly to observe in drawing.
HB555 Landes Congressional and state legislative districts.

BLOCK 2 - Other bills

Bill(s) Patron
HB9 Cole Voter registration; required information on application form.
HB832 Landes Vacancies in constitutional offices; petition to circuit court to request no special elections.
HB1004 Levine Provisional voting; voter photograph taken at polling place.
HB1033 Sickles Absentee ballots; emergency voting, repeals provisions relating to late applications.
HB1040 Rasoul Voter-nominated primary elections; established for offices of Governor, etc.
HB1223 Watts Polling place; voter may give full name and current address orally or in writing.

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