Virginia House of Delegates Committee Agendas

House Appropriations - Health and Human Resources Subcommittee Committee
Chair: Garrett, T. Scott

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Last Updated: 02/08/2018 05:07 PM
Meeting Date & Time: 02/09/2018 30 minutes after adjournment of the House Update
Location: Shared Committee Room Update
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1612
(804) 698-1590

Bills Before the Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB285 Murphy Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Scholarship Pilot Program; VCCS shall establish, report.
HB324 Campbell Southwestern Virginia Training Center; closure of Center prohibited.
HB325 Campbell Southwestern Va. Training Center & the Central Va. Training Center; closure prohibited.
HB806 O'Quinn Southwestern Virginia Training Center and Southeastern Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited.
HB816 Hope Governor's Secretaries; reporting substance abuse data and information.
HB1102 Stolle Certificate of public need; changes to Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program.
HB1157 Pillion Substance-exposed infants; plan for services, report.
HB1172 Pillion State Overdose Death Review Process Team; created, report, local and regional teams.
HB1234 Hugo Water supplies and water works; replaces defined term "human consumption" with "domestic use."
HB1333 Brewer Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.
HB1362 Austin Newborn screening; tests for time-critical disorders.
HB1421 Garrett Central Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited.
HB1429 Carroll Foy Social Services, Department of; collection of data regarding substance abuse.
HB1480 Filler-Corn Child day programs; exemptions from licensure, removes certain programs from list.
HB1507 Adams, L.R. Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council; established.

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