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House Appropriations Committee
Chair: Knight, Barry D.

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Last Updated: 02/09/2018 04:17 PM
Meeting Date & Time: 02/09/2018 Immediately upon adjournment of the Compensation & Retirement Subcommittee Update
Location: Shared Committee Room (E007), Ground Floor, Pocahontas Bldg,
Notes: Dear Delegate/Bill Patron: If your bill was reported favorably from a House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee, Bill Patrons ***DO NOT*** need to appear before the full Committee.
Active item: HB 670 Kilgore
Video: House Video Streaming
Committee Clerk:
John Shelhorse,, 804-698-1612
Staff Contact:
Carla Karnes,, 804-698-1590

Report of the Elementary & Secondary Education

Bill(s) Patron
HB670 Kilgore Standards of Quality; local match for basic aid, debt service on projects in school divisions.
HB692 Marshall Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Act; revenue sharing, composite index.
HB1504 Cline Virtual Virginia; enrollment in online learning program.

Report of the Transportation Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB453 Yancey Airport boards and authorities; transparency and accountability for use of Dept. and Board funds.
HB765 Jones, S.C. Transportation processes in the Commonwealth; responsibilities of transportation entities, funding.
HB768 Jones, S.C. Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain regions of the Commonwealth.

Report of the Commerce, Agriculture, Natural Resources & Technology Subcommittee

Agriculture and Natural Resources Bills

Bill(s) Patron
HB153 Habeeb Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves; disbursement of appropriated sums to maintain.
HB360 Toscano Historical African American cemeteries; adds Daughters of Zion Cemetery in Charlottesville to list.
HB527 James Historical African American cemeteries and graves; adds Mt. Calvary Cemetery in City of Portsmouth.
HB532 Freitas Hemp, industrial; research programs.
HB669 Kilgore Natural Tunnel Parkway; authorizes DCR to accept certain real property in Scott County.
HB771 Jones, S.C. Potomac Aquifer recharge monitoring; creates advisory board and laboratory.
HB1151 Gooditis Nonresident youth fishing license; exemption.
HB1583 Byron Commonwealth Broadband Chief Advisor; establishes position.
HB1609 Webert Horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering; definition of "historical horse racing."

Report of the Commerce, Agriculture, Natural Resources & Technology Subcommittee

Commerce,and Technology Bills

Bill(s) Patron
HB1551 Landes Special Workforce Grant Fund; created.
HB1568 Landes Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; small business development programs.
HB960 Yancey Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; marketing plan information, report.
HJ101 Toscano Energy storage devices; DMME to study use.

Report of the Higher Education Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB685 Ransone Cybersecurity Student Loan Repayment Grant Program; established, report.
HB764 Jones, S.C. Consortium Comprehensive Cancer Center Advisory Board; established, report.
HB897 Landes Higher educational institutions, public; six-year plans submitted by governing board, report.
HB919 Jones, S.C. Virginia Community College System; changes to ensure a standard quality of education.
HB1138 Price Qualified Education Loan Ombudsman, Office of the; established, report.

Report of the General Government & Capitol Outlay Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB345 Stolle Coastal Adaptation and Protection, Special Assistant to the Governor for; position created.
HB483 Bell, Robert B. Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; restitution owed to victims.
HB762 Jones, S.C. Claims; Danial J Williams, Joseph Jesse Dick, Jr., Eric Cameron Wilson, and Derek Elliot Tice.
HB763 Jones, S.C. Revenue Reserve Fund; created, report.
HB976 Guzman Felony conviction; compensation for wrongful incarceration.
HB1010 Toscano Relief; Davis, Robert Paul.
HB1148 Landes Economic growth-sharing; review of agreements.
HJ26 Stolle Coastal Flooding, Joint Subcommittee on; continued, report.

Report of the Public Safety Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB83 Kory Feminine hygiene products; no cost to female prisoners or inmates.
HB260 Jones, J.C. Virginia Critically Missing Adult Alert Program; created.
HB366 Rush Felons; restoration of firearms rights, report to State Police.
HB541 Freitas Veterans, certain; alternative treatment options.
HB729 Head Virginia Fire Services Board; powers & duties, modular training program for volunteer firefighters.
HB826 Knight Alcoholic beverage control; increases general license application fee.
HB1249 Toscano DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
HB1398 Fariss Concealed handgun permit; new application via mail.
HB1418 Tyler Correctional Officer Procedural Guarantee Act; created.
HB1440 Garrett Schedule I and Schedule II drugs; adds various drugs to lists.
HB1527 Heretick Civil Air Patrol; leave for volunteer members.

Report of the Health & Human Resources Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB1157 Pillion Substance-exposed infants; plan for services, report.
HB1280 LaRock Medical and other public assistance; eligibility, review of records of applicants.
HB1333 Brewer Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.
HB1362 Austin Newborn screening; tests for time-critical disorders.
HB1415 Edmunds Henrietta Lacks Commission; established.

Bills Before the Committee

Bill(s) Patron
HB338 Miyares Medicaid; Training, Education, Employment, and Opportunity Program for able-bodied adult recipients.
HB993 Byron Sales tax revenue allocation; increase amount allocated to discretionary spending for airports.
HB1539 Hugo Mass transit; establishing various Funds to improve transportation.

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