Virginia House of Delegates Committee Agendas

House Finance Committee
Chair: Ware, R. L.

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Meeting Date & Time: 02/07/2018 1/2 Hour After Adjournment
Location: House Committee Room, Ground Floor Pocahontas Building
Notes: Please Note: This is a change in Day, Time and Location for this Full Committee meeting. There will not be Finance Subcommittee meetings on this day.
Active item: Meeting adjourned at: 03:34 PM
Video: Archived
Committee Clerk:
Susan Armentrout,, 804-698-1948
DLS Contact:
David Rosenberg:, 804-698-1868 Connor Garstka,, 804-698-1869

Full Committee Legislation

Legislation not heard in Subcommittee

Bill(s) Patron
HB222 Morefield Income tax, corporate and state; modification for certain companies, grants.
HB799 Stolle Aircraft, public; definition.
HB1495 Orrock Real property tax; increases term of boards of equalization.
HB1553 Pillion Admissions tax; Washington County authorized to impose.
HB1557 Pillion Intangible personal property; personal property used in manufacturing.
HB1605 Kilgore Nonparticipating tobacco-product manufacturers; certain agencies sharing or disclosing information.
SB230 Emergency Hanger Commonwealth's tax system; conformity with federal law, emergency.

Report from Subcommittee #1 (Byron)

Bill(s) Patron
HB373 Davis Multistate Tax Commission; the Commonwealth to become associate member.
HB538 Freitas Taxpayers; TAX and VEC to consider feasibility of filing tax reports and payments electronically.
HB747 Leftwich Veterinarians; exemption from sales and use tax on purchase or prescription of drugs and medicines.
HB993 Byron Sales tax revenue allocation; increase amount allocated to discretionary spending for airports.
HB1204 Hugo Real property tax; special and separate assessment of open space in certain counties.
HB1441 Orrock All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), mopeds, and off-road motorcycles; taxation.
HB1442 Orrock Real property tax; assessment of wetlands.

Report from Subcommittee #2 (Hugo)

Bill(s) Patron
HB129 Yancey Worker retraining tax credit; manufacturing instruction for students.
HB680 Pogge Motor vehicle sales and use tax; minimum tax on trailers.
HB798 Davis Income tax, state; apportionment of sales for debt buyers.
HB1382 Byron Agricultural best management practices tax credit; refundability for corporations.
HB1460 Fariss Land preservation tax credits; transfer to a designated beneficiary.
HB1575 Bourne High school apprenticeship; tax credit.

Report from Subcommittee #3 (Pogge)

Bill(s) Patron
HB24 Boysko Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for menstrual supplies.
HB665 Kilgore Coalfield employment enhancement tax credit; metallurgical coal mined by underground methods.
HB1018 Toscano Energy storage system; establishes tax credit.
HB1165 Landes Education Improvement Scholarships; expands tax credits, pre-kindergarten eligibility.

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