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House Courts of Justice - Subcommittee #3 Committee
Chair: Adams, Leslie R.

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/29/2018 15 minutes after adjournment of full committee
Location: House Room 3
Notes: House Room 3 is in the Capitol.
Active item: HB 381 Krizek
Committee Clerk:
(804) 698-1542
DLS Contact:
(804) 698 - 1831

Block 1

Bill(s) Patron
HB135 Bell, John J. Dissemination of juvenile record information; emergency medical services agency applicants.
HB585 Bloxom Magistrates; additional compensation.
HB728 Head Newspapers; alters requirements that may be used for legal notices and publications.
HB217 Herring Electronic case papers; transmission between district and circuit courts.
HB817 Herring Firearms; DCJS, et al., to develop guidance documents for petitions to restore rights.
HB783 Keam Legal notices; advertisement by certain towns.
HB381 Krizek Virginia State Police Electronic Summons System Fund; created.
HB691 Poindexter Circuit courts; number of judges in the Twenty-first and Twenty-second Judicial Circuits.
HB303 Watts Physical evidence recovery kits; submission to Department of Forensic Science.

Block 2

Bill(s) Patron
HB77 Habeeb Venue in criminal cases; concurrent jurisdiction, obsolete provisions.
HB1167 LaRock Jury commissioners; lists of unqualified persons provided to general registrars.
HB1310 Lindsey Retention of case records; electronic format.
HB942 Lopez Address Confidentiality Program; real property records.
HB1296 Rasoul Statewide public defender system and appellate defender officer; established.
HB1309 Roem Protected information; newspersons engaged in journalism.
HB1246 Toscano Identity Theft Passport; police reports submitted to the Attorney General.
HB1435 Tyler Initiation of a civil action; duties of clerk of general district court.
HB1343 Ward Notaries; fee agreements with employer.

Block 3

Bill(s) Patron
HB1301 Adams, L.R. Judges; central registry records check.
HB1023 Adams, L.R. Foreign subpoenas; issuance by circuit court clerk of court.
HB481 Bell, Robert B. Jury service; deferral of service if full-time student.
HB1392 Campbell Judges; eligibility to serve.
HB145 Carroll Foy Search warrant for a tracking device; delivery of affidavit.
HB235 Collins Acceptability of electronic medium; record of criminal proceedings to appellate court.
HB293 Collins Prosecution; statement of expenses.
HB294 Collins DNA; sample taken upon conviction, fee.
HB440 Hope Indigent defendants; public defender office, appointment of counsel.
HB642 Hope Legal notices; online publications.
HB743 Leftwich Judges; maximum number in each judicial district and circuit.
HB128 Miyares Court order; motion or petition for rule to show cause for violation.
HB166 Miyares Court records; recording by microphotographic or electronic process.
HB51 Miyares Evidentiary hearings in the Supreme Court of Virginia; Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.

Block 4

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