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House Courts of Justice Committee
Chair: Bell, Robert B.

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/29/2018 ½ hour after adjournment of House
Location: House Room 3
Active item: Meeting adjourned at: 01:56 PM
Video: Archived
Committee Clerk:
Annie Johnson,, 804-698-1542
DLS Contact:
David Cotter,, 804-698-1812 Britt Olwine,, 804-698-1815 Steve Mutnick, Shannon Heard,, 804-698-1831 (Judicial Panel/Interviews)

1st: Announcements and Administrative Actions: Chairman R. B. Bell

2nd: Subcommittee 1 Recommends Reporting (uncontested block vote) Chairman Gilbert

Bill(s) Patron
HB35 Hayes Juveniles; places of confinement.
HB53 Hope Persons acquitted by reason of insanity; evaluation.
HB188 Collins Sentence reduction; substantial assistance to prosecution.
HB304 Watts Virginia Consumer Protection Act; certain fraud crimes committed by a supplier.
HB482 Bell, Robert B. Witness testimony; accompanied by certified facility dogs.
HB634 Hurst Two-way video testimony; reports by Chief Medical Examiner.
HB750 Leftwich Presentence reports; access by work release programs.
HB840 Bell, Robert B. Victim telephone numbers and email addresses; confidentiality of information in criminal cases.
HB902 Freitas Sex Offenders and Crimes Against Minors Registry; removal of name from Registry.
HB976 Guzman Felony conviction; compensation for wrongful incarceration.
HB988 Gilbert Criminal history record information; discovery.
HB1008 Gilbert Postrelease incarceration; violations of postrelease supervision.
HB1015 Gilbert Multi-jurisdiction grand jury; investigations of any criminal violation of Virginia law.
HB1055 Herring Discretionary sentencing guidelines; judicial performance evaluation program, report.
HB1164 Ingram Search warrants; return to jurisdiction where executed.
HB1251 Emergency Cline CBD oil and THC-A oil; certification for use, dispensing.
HB1260 Mullin Admission to bail; human trafficking.
HB1266 Toscano Arrests; law-enforcement agency to report, etc.
HB1364 Toscano Closed preliminary hearings; child pornography, etc., case.
HB1511 Mullin Service of process; investigator employed by an attorney for the Commonwealth.

3rd: Subcommittee 1 Recommends Reporting (contested/bills not in block) Chairman Gilbert

Bill(s) Patron
HB210 Mullin Juvenile and domestic relations district; pretrial appeals by the Commonwealth.
HB900 Freitas Forfeiture of property used in connection with commission of crimes; finding of guilt required.
HB1249 Toscano DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
HB1385 Bell, Richard P. Concealed handguns; disqualifications for permit, adjudications of delinquency.

4th: Subcommittee 2 Recommends Reporting (uncontested block vote) Chairman Habeeb

Bill(s) Patron
HB162 Ware Proceeds of a sale, a partition suit, or condemnation proceeding; persons under a disability, etc.
HB262 Miyares Protective orders; cases of family abuse, cellular telephone numbers or other electronic device.
HB278 Collins Compensation guardian ad litem appointed to represent a child; adjustment by the court.
HB311 Simon Unlawful detainer, summons for; foreclosure.
HB326 Campbell Child abuse and neglect; venue may lie where alleged abuse or neglect occurred, etc.
HB364 Rush Execution of temporary detention orders; inmates in local correctional facilities.
HB378 Habeeb Electronic case papers; transmission between district and circuit courts.
HB613 Habeeb Child and spousal support; access to case files.
HB686 Ransone Unclaimed property; deposits and funds with financial institutions, charges and interest.
HB745 Leftwich Adultery; reduces penalty to a civil penalty.
HB746 Leftwich Wills and revocable trusts; eliminating certain inconsistencies.
HB754 Leftwich Elective share claim; calculation of the augmented estate.
HB755 Leftwich Foreclosure; notice of sale when owner is deceased.
HB823 Knight Contractors, general; waiver or diminishment of lien rights, subordination of lien rights.
HB850 Peace Adult protective services; emergency order, appointment of temporary conservator.
HB856 Peace Unlawful detainer; execution of writ of possession.
HB934 Hope Prisoners; medical and mental health treatment of those incapable of giving consent.
HB1024 Adams, L.R. Attorney fees; repeals provision that allows only fee of one attorney to be taxed by court.
HB1142 Wilt Qualification of fiduciary without security; possession of assets, etc., by guardian, etc.
HB1212 Cline Pro se minors; signing of pleading, motion, or other paper by next friend.
HB1219 Reid Parental rights; annual foster care review.
HB1351 Davis Joint legal, joint physical, or sole child custody; court shall consider and may award.
HB1355 Hope Minors; alternative facility of temporary detention.
HB1360 Leftwich Child support; guidelines for determination of obligation, child support orders.
HB1361 Leftwich Child support; calculation of obligation, multiple custody arrangements.
HB1564 Yancey Eminent domain; empanelment of commissioners.

5th: Subcommittee 2 Recommends Reporting (contested/bills not in block) Chairman Habeeb

Bill(s) Patron
HB52 Hope Competency and sanity evaluations; location of evaluation.
HB259 Habeeb Payment of wages; remedies, penalties.
HB277 Collins Guardians ad litem for children; report requirements, certification form.
HB406 Levine Guardianship; communication between incapacitated persons & others, notification of relatives.
HB551 Krizek Nonpayment of wages; private cause of action by an employee.
HB744 Leftwich Protective orders, preliminary; contents of order.
HB807 Levine Custody and visitation agreements; best interests of the child, definition of other violent abuse.
HB998 Byron Parental or legal custodial powers, temporary delegation; child-placing agency.
HB1336 Habeeb Spoliation of evidence; jury instruction.

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