Agencies & Commissions

The Constitution of Virginia allows the General Assembly to establish administrative agencies and commissions to support the legislative process.

A legislative commission meeting
A legislative commission meeting


The Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) serves Virginia citizens and decision-makers by providing unbiased, accurate information and sound recommendations to improve accountability and financial management of public funds.
The Auditor of Public Accounts is part of the legislative branch of Virginia government and reports through the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) of the General Assembly. This structure provides independence from the executive and judicial branch agencies we audit. Article IV Section 18 of the Constitution of Virginia established the Auditor of Public Accounts and Code of Virginia §30-130 through §30-142 sets forth the requirements of the office.

Capitol Police

The Division of Capitol Police (DCP) is the oldest police agency in the United States. The Division's origin dates to 1618 at Jamestown, Virginia where it served as the Public Guard. Since 1618 the number of officers has grown from a military unit of 10 men to protect Governor George Yeardley to over 75 officers protecting Virginia's government officials, employees, citizens of the Commonwealth and its visitors.. Legislative authority as Capitol police officers was granted in 1890.


The Division of Legislative Automated Systems (DLAS) is the Virginia General Assembly's information technology agency. The mission of DLAS is to serve and support the General Assembly, its agencies, and the public where appropriate.


The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) is a key component of the legislative oversight function in Virginia.Legislative oversight is an important part of government accountability. It is how the Virginia General Assembly ensures that the funds it has appropriated are used effectively and efficiently by State and local agencies. Legislative oversight is also how the General Assembly assesses the performance of the agencies and programs it creates.
The commission is composed of nine members of the The Virginia House of Delegates, of whom at least five also serve on the House Appropriations Committee, and five members of the Senate, of whom two also serve on the Senate Finance Committee. Delegates are appointed by the Speaker of the House, and Senators by the Senate Rules Committee. The Chair is elected by a majority of Commission members and traditionally has rotated every two years between the House and Senate. The Auditor of Public Accounts is a nonvoting, ex officio member.

Legislative Services

The Division of Legislative Services (DLS) is the legislative branch agency created statutorily by the General Assembly to provide nonpartisan legal and general research services to members of the General Assembly and its standing committees in the Senate of Virginia and The Virginia House of Delegates.

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