The Virginia House of Delegates

The Virginia House of Delegates consists of 100 members. Each Delegate is elected from a separate and distinct district for a term of two years. All Delegates terms begin and end at the same time. Every two years, the House reorganizes after the general election in which they are elected. As a result of the organization process, the House elects its leadership (Speaker of the House, Clerk,of the House, and Sergeant at Arms) and adopts the Rules of the House. As a result of the United States Census for the Virginia population, a Delegate represents approximately 80,000 citizens of the Commonwealth. Each Delegate receives an annual salary of $17,640.

Virginia House of Delegates Chamber
Virginia House of Delegates Chamber

The Speaker of the House serves as the presiding officer of the House. The duties of the Speaker include assigning all bills to House committees and appointing the chairs and members of each of the 14 standing committees of the House. The Speaker presides over the daily session of the House and guides the legislative process of the House pursuant to the Constitution and the Rules.

The Clerk of the House is elected by the House. The Clerk's duties are overseeing the daily operations of the House; maintaining all House records; producing the daily Journal, Acts of Assembly, and other publications relative to the legislative process; publishing educational materials for schools and other groups; managing the House Page Program and, in conjunction with the Senate Clerk, administering the Capitol Tour Guides; and providing budget and personnel management, information technology, and facilities management.

The Sergeant at Arms is elected by the House. The Sergeant at Arms along with his assistants, Doorkeepers, attend upon the House during session and are charged with preserving the decorum of the House and assisting with the distribution of legislation and other resources required by the members and the Speaker. In addition, the Sergeant at Arms ensures, per the Rules and under the direction of the Speaker that during session only authorized persons are allowed entrance to the House chamber or are allowed to sit on the chamber floor.

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