Senate of Virginia

The Senate of Virginia consists of 40 members. Each Senator is elected from a separate and distinct district for a term of four years. All Senators' terms begin and end at the same time. Every four years the Senate reorganizes after the general election in which are elected. A Senator represents approximately 200,000 citizens of the Commonwealth. Each Senator receives an annual salary of $18,000.

Senate of Virginia Chamber
Senate of Virginia Chamber

The Lieutenant Governor is the presiding officer of the Senate, pursuant to the Constitution of Virginia. The Lieutenant Governor is elected in a statewide election for a four-year term. In the event of his absence, the President pro tempore carries out the duties of the presiding officer. The President pro tempore is elected by the Senate for a term of four years.

The Clerk of the Senate is elected by the Senate. The Clerk's duties are overseeing the daily operations of the Senate, maintaining all Senate records, keeping the daily Journal, referring bills to committees, personnel management, information technology, and facilities management.

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