Virginia House of Delegates Committee Agendas

House Militia, Police and Public Safety - Subcommittee #1 Committee
Chair: Wright, Thomas C.

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Meeting Date & Time: 01/28/2016 4:00 p.m.
Location: 8th Floor West Conference Room
Committee Clerk:
Scott Maddrea,, 804-698-1545
DLS Contact:
Emma Buck,, 804-786-3591 ext 224

Block 2

Bill(s) Patron
HB128 Hope Weapons; possession prohibited in state legislative buildings, penalty.
HB149 Simon Concealed handgun permits; individuals on federal Terrorist Screening Database.
HB422 Murphy Firearms dealers; local regulation of dealers in proximity of schools.
HB423 Simon Firearms; possession in school zone, penalty.
HB424 Simon Firearms; possession in school zone, regulation by locality.
HB425 Simon Firearms; prohibits person in Terrorist Screening Database to purchase, etc.
HB482 Kory Transfer of firearms; criminal history record information check, penalties.
HB599 Plum Transfer of firearms; criminal history record information check, penalties.
HB617 Bell, John J. Concealed handgun permit; demonstration of competence.
HB632 Bell, John J. Transfer of firearms; criminal history record information check, penalties.
HB658 Filler-Corn Protective orders; possession of firearms; penalty.
HB979 Lopez Firearms; buyers or transferee, criminal history record check delay.
HB980 Lopez Transfer of handguns; permit required, penalties.
HB981 Lopez Concealed handgun permit; eliminates proof of competence.
HB982 Lopez Firearm or pneumatic gun; allowing access by children age four or younger, penalty.
HB983 Lopez Firearms magazines, certain; prohibition of sale, transfer, etc., prohibited, penalty.
HB1000 Levine Online firearm sale; criminal history record information check, penalties.
HB1001 Levine Terrorist Screening Database; check of Database required prior to purchasing firearm from dealer.
HB1025 Sickles Firearms; removal from persons posing substantial risk, penalties.
HB1049 Rasoul Firearms show; list of vendors or exhibitors submitted to State Police.
HB1055 Pillion Foster care homes; firearm storage on premises.
HB1106 Murphy Firearms; possession or transportation following certain convictions.
HB1109 Murphy Concealed handgun permit; application; disqualification.
HB1199 Kory School resource officers; prohibits possession of firearms and other weapons, penalty.
HB1313 Simon Concealed handguns; protective orders, surrender of firearms, penalty.
HB1339 Price Localities; regulation of firearms in government buildings.

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